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National Day in Oman-18 November, 2022

Though it is a pandemic, Oman is set to celebrate the Golden Jubilee (51th ) in 2021 for its birthday. The National day in Oman is held on 18 November every year. Omani people celebrate the day with cheer & a fresh mind for Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

The National Day of Oman is a public holiday. School, College, University and Govt. office is closed in order to observe the birthday of Oman. Omani people publish patriotism by celebrating the day wearing national cloth.

History of National Day in Oman

History is the main reason to remember the day. The history of it is more sensible for Oman. We have decorated the content by focusing on Portuguese. You know that Vasco Da Gama discovered Oman and to continue the business. We included the history in a short keyphrase and year.

  • 1507: The Portuguese took their place in Oman.
  • Muscat town used the Portugues to protect their trade routes to India
  • In 1650 Oman got independence from Portugues
  • Omani people have been observed the birthday as a national day since 1970.
  • Observing Date> 18th November

Activities of National Day in Oman

Activities are the main topics to promote a day. Omani people take the necessary steps to celebrate the day not only in the city but also locally. The activities are held in two days’ validity because 19th November is the birthday of Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

The Omani people do many activities generally that we included in the following steps. The following activities we can see on the 18 November in Oman.


  • Military Parade
  • Camel Races
  • Horse shows
  • Firework
  • Tour in a historic place
  • Decotare street with colorful light
  • National clothes wearing

Why Oman is famous?

Oman is famous for-

  • Palm place
  • Mosquito
  • Constructive statue
  • Cave of Parliament
  • Jabal Lakhdar or Green Mountain
  • Dhofar province
  • Apparent province
  • Wadi Night
  • Air fresh for breathings

Time of National day in Oman

Year Date Day Holiday
2020 18 Nov Wed National Day
2021 18 Nov Thu National Day
2022 18 Nov Fri National Day
2023 18 Nov Sat National Day
2024 18 Nov Mon National Day

Finally, Oman is the oldest Arab State in modern history & one of the Islamic states in the United Arab Emirates. Thanks for staying with us.

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