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International Friendship Day 2024- History, Date, Celebrations & Facts

Worldwide Friendship Day is observed every year on 30 July. It is a time to express one’s gratitude and love for another. This particular day is dedicated to showing and spreading friendship. It originated in Great Britain when the English parliament declared May International Friendship Day in 1998. The allied nations later adopted it, and it became a global day of celebration.

History of International Friendship Day

Friendship between nations is a concept that is not new. It has existed for quite some time and was also expressed in friendship back then. The allied nations first proposed the idea of International Friendship Day in their bid to win the war against the evil Third Reich. It is believed that Winston Churchill first proposed this idea during a speech he gave in Congress in America in the early nineteen-seventies.

After the Second World War had passed, Winston Churchill became the Prime Minister of England while his government continued to promote world peace. He also formed the Commonwealth Scientific Association and International Amateur Chemistry Workshop. However, all these efforts did not help, and World War III broke out. On that date, the first Sunday was declared International Friendship Day. The allied nations wanted the world to celebrate the establishment of the institution of friendship between countries, so they decided to make it a national day.

The first World Friendship Day was proclaimed in 1958 and celebrated on the first Sunday of July. Many international organizations were involved in the celebration, and they were declared the “Friendship Partners”. They celebrated this occasion with various events and activities. The most notable was the “Friendship Day Festival” in Rome, attended by top politicians and celebrities.

A new idea was developed for World Friendship Day and declared on 30 July yearly. This time, the festival was to be held in the neutral country of Switzerland. The idea was to celebrate the friendship between Switzerland and Great Britain, so it was declared International Friendship Day. When it became clear that Switzerland could not participate in the festival’s official definition, a new idea was adopted: holding a World Friendship Day Festival outside the country.

Friendship Day Celebrations

Today, International Friendship Day is observed in different countries across the world. There are other international-friendly day parades, and numerous social and educational programs are organized to mark this special event. The Friendship Day parades are considered essential and impressive in the United States. You can use our status, quotes, messages, and greetings to send best wishes to your friends.

Since the United States does not participate in political controversies and is not known to have strong bilateral ties with any specific country, the festival is an exceptional event. Many nations worldwide celebrate International Friendship Day on the fourth Sunday of July with great pomp and show. The most favoured countries celebrating this festival include France, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Germany.


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