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World Teacher’s Day 2024 Date, Theme, Celebrations & Facts

World Teachers Day was founded to bring together educators from all around the World. It is celebrated and organized by the American organization World Teachers Union. The theme of the day is “educator power.” On this day, teachers from all over the World participate in activities, conduct research, and participate in events designed to celebrate the teaching profession.

A celebration is held, recognizing those who have made considerable contributions to the field of education. This article attempts to provide a brief history of World Teachers Day.

World Teachers Day 2024 Date

Everyone in society respects teachers, etc. They appreciate the teacher, who is called the founder of a nation. Many countries around the World celebrate this auspicious day as a historical event. Every year, World Teacher Day is observed on Oct 5.

  • Year > 2024
  • Date > Oct 5
  • Weekday > Tuesday

World Teachers Day 2024 Theme

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s theme for International Education Day is “Recover and Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation.”

World Teachers Day in Australia Celebrations

Teachers worldwide began celebrating World Teachers Day in Australia on the first Sunday of September this year. Professor Mo Srinivasa Prabhupada, a leader of the Voorhees Christian Education Association (VCEA), presided over the entire affair. He has been associated with Voorhees for close to half a century. In his address, he emphasized that teachers play a vital role in educating students. According to him, equal opportunity should exist for the brightest students and those who want to learn.

At the World Teachers Day celebrations all over the World, several teachers travelled to the US to attend the events organized by World Teachers Day. There were celebrations in front of the classrooms, where they presented their credentials and were awarded certificates. The other participants also gave them praise and encouragement. According to the VCEA, over 900 teachers came to the US to celebrate teachers at their schools and colleges.

World Teachers Day in USA Celebrations

In the US, World Teachers Day was celebrated with pomp and pageantry by hundreds of teachers from every state and district. The event was addressed by President Obama, who dedicated the day to all teachers. He said the celebration would help bring the best quality education to every American child. Besides, the US teachers were also encouraged to participate in various activities organized around World Teachers’ Day. They could make a difference in the quality of education in the country.

Each teacher was felicitated with a certificate at the World Teachers Day celebration. This certificate was required to be submitted along with the submission of applications for the next annual World Teacher Residency or placement, which is held every year in October. Candidates applying for the teaching posts must be qualified for the initial training conducted during the same period of the year.

The candidate needs to undergo the initial training for teaching in the particular field before applying for the teacher post in that specific field. At the time of the registration, the candidates are asked to submit their CVs along with the required documents and the fee for the initial training.

The World Teachers Day is observed in different countries around the World. Some countries that celebrate this day regularly include Mexico, China, the Philippines, Tanzania, South Africa, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, and many more. The World Teachers Day celebrations are marked differently in each country and within the continent. For example, the festival is celebrated in Turkey on the day before the new year, whereas in Egypt, it is marked during October.

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