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World AIDS Day 2022: Awareness, Symptoms, Theme, Slogan, Vaccine, Activities & more

With the great mercy of God to we are providing to inform you about World AIDS Day- 2021. The day is observed on 1st December every year to awake people from avoiding the disease. AIDS is one of the most harmful diseases in, the world, which has many symptoms to indicate to people. It is an awakening day for everyone. The United Nations takes many steps to observe the awareness day every year. It is rights to know details about the disease occurs & treatment. Activities, Symptoms, Theme, Slogan, Vaccine & others info is available here.

You know that COVID- 19 ( COrona VIrus Disease- 2019 ) is braking our human beings at this moment. The world thinking about Pandemic. Staying home is better for live-together with a life partner. However, someone likes to live-together with another person who is not safe for the concept. It is the reason for carrying AIDS in your body. This reason isn’t the major affection most importantly has some other causes to make the disease. We always try to give hundred people accurate info on the observing site at www.nationalday24.com  as well as faster than any other websites. Just read through the content gradually.

Abbreviation & Definition of AIDS

AIDS= Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

Basic Symptoms of AIDS

As some keywords help to find users looking, Therefore they want. Similarly, some symptoms indicate diseases like AIDS. We included symptoms knowing from the World Health Organization, a member of the United Nations.


  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Rash
  • Night sweats
  • Muscle aches
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Mouth ulcers

AIDS Day Theme 

You know that every year the United Nations publishes a theme for each year different. In 2020, the Theme has published.

For 2020, which is the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, according to the WHO, the theme is to celebrate these key medical professionals who are often undermined”

AIDS Day Slogan for 2021

The AIDS Day Slogan memorized us to awake around the world. The United Nations have published the Slogan for- 2020.

  “Global solidarity, resilient services”

Vaccine for AIDS

There is no vaccine discovered however South Africa is going to meet a vaccine to curb HIV (Human Immunodeficiency ) Virus.

Activities for World AIDS Day- 2021

A day can promote worldwide through activities. This is an awareness day for people. There is no person who can’t hear the dangerous name of AIDS. People have taken the right steps to observe the day globally. TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers as well as many Organizations are ready to observe the day. It is time to know details not only about AIDS but also about another disease.


Nowadays, people are so active with AIDS than any diseases. If you have some ideas about AIDS is better but need to learn more activities on the day of leaving. We included some activities for making the day glorious.


  1. Go to an event near you-  Though it is pandemic, going to a historical place near you with maintaining social distance to awake people locally.
  2. Publish awareness to people- Creating & hanging banners, features on a wall to awake people.
  3. Online- Online is one of the most important media to awake people. You may find more knowledge online that you are looking for. On the day we should see or hear WHO’s broadcasting AIDS awareness.
  4. Social Media- Social media is one of the fast online portals to publish any day’s activities. We can share more to awake people on social media on the day or on the day before.

Why World AIDS Day is Important

The day is important for everyone who wants a better life. You better know that AIDS is another name that is mortal. We should awake from AIDS people around the world by publishing any messages as well as keeping religious set up mind. Actually, the day isn’t just for observing but also for control. We decorated the sub-heading in adding some reasons to love the good event.


Loving reasons-

  • awake more people about AIDS
  • It symptoms for better indicating
  • Have more opportunities to awake people on the day.
  •  AIDS impact informer day
  • Awareness for zero death

If we look for ago a huge people death for the reasons of HIV infections. World AIDS Day is loved while loving one’s life. An estimated 36.9 million people have HIV. More than 34 million people have died from the virus, making it one of the most destructive pandemics in history.

Some reasons to affect AIDS

Unfortunately, we don’t know how dangerous HIV is! If we know details about AIDS, we never do the work again, which makes people to death. Some AIDS-affected reasons are available here, which should be controllable.

At a glance-

  1. Taking blood without testing
  2. More users an Injection series again & again
  3. Sex or live-together with more people
  4. Living with affected people


Many Govt. awareness supplies for AIDS, as well as The Butterfly Tree, supports HIV and AIDS Prevention projects to fight the pandemic.

Times of World AIDS DAY

Year Weekday Date Name Observance Type
2020 Tue 1 Dec World AIDS Day United Nations observance
2021 Wed 1 Dec World AIDS Day United Nations observance
2022 Thu 1 Dec World AIDS Day United Nations observance
2023 Fri 1 Dec World AIDS Day United Nations observance
2024 Sun 1 Dec World AIDS Day United Nations observance
2025 Mon 1 Dec World AIDS Day United Nations observance

In conclusion, World AIDS Day is one of the best awareness events. All should be awake & say to be awake. Thanks for giving your valuable time reading the content thoroughly.

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