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World Television Day 2024: Theme, History, Activities-Day for Media

With the best resolution of our eyes, we are providing information about World Television Day- 2024. The United Nations General Assembly declared 21 November World Television Day. Depending on the date, many media and journalists take the necessary steps to observe the Day globally.

Each year, ACT (Association of Commercial Television), egta (Association of TV and Radio Sales Houses), and The Global TV Group join to broadly make the Day glorious—the Day’s highlights are broadcast worldwide.

History of World Television Day

World Television Day’s history is so extensive. The United Nations faced many problems in establishing World Television Day. Marking the date as World Television Day on 21 November, the UN met to promote the Day. In the negative sense, the delegation from Germany said:                                                                                            “There are already three United Nations days encompassing similar subjects: World Press Freedom Day; World Telecommunication and Information Society Day; and World Development Information Day. To add another day does not make much sense… [T]elevision is only one means of information and a medium to which most of the world population has no access… That vast majority could easily see World Television Day as a rich man’s Day. They do not have access to television. There are more important information media; here, I would mention radio. We think it is more important to enhance those media’s role than television.”

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After that, the UN proclaimed that World Television Day would be held every 21 November. A short key-phrase is available here for better understanding-

World Television Day-

  • Established in…………..1996
  • Est. month……………..December
  • Observing Date……… 21 November
  • Est. by…………………..The United Nations

Activities for World Television Day

You know that every day, our common task is to watch TV. TV gives more entertainment, news, and updated info that is 100 percent accurate, while social media is questionable. Some activities included here-

  • Awake people
  • Broadcasting
  • Listening importance info

World Television Day Theme

The United Nations published the Theme- 2020 for World TV Day, which is-    “Television is Difference.

Time of World TV Day

Finally, a vast number of people around the world spend more time watching TV. Television is one of the most important media for knowing news instantly. Thanks for taking the valuable moment to read the content gradually.

2020 Sat 21 November World Television Day United Nations observance
2024 Sun 21 November World Television Day United Nations observance
2022 Mon 21 November World Television Day United Nations observance
2023 Tue 21 November World Television Day United Nations observance

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