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World Post Day 2022 : History, Significance & observeness

Hello Dear, Welcome to our site. By the Marcy of God, we can know details about World Post Day which is observed in any country around the world on 9 October. You know that post is an essential property for any country. Its service is best for government issues. It works for the country to serve people easily by sending importance form that is useable for all kind of people.

Nowadays, online is one of the most useful things instead of a posting system. Here you may find how it works, how important the post is, the history of it, observe ideas, celebrating system & more that are a hundred percent accurate information. This content not only for reading but also for debating. It is right to know about government property because you are a citizen of an independent country. So, Dear let’s go to the main ideas whiches are given below-

History of The Post Day

Without history, nothing to do. World Post day is also has a glorious history. By searching more we have found some information which is needed to know at least on the 9 October. If we see a minimum of 60 years previous time, people send & receive any letter by walk and horse. It was very difficult for everyone. But, after publishing it as the world post day, its importance is increasing day by day. Nowadays it is one of the easiest govt. service worldwide. The United Nations declared the day to celebrate in, variety of steps. You better know that the Universal Post Union( UPU) is one of the most important organizations of the United Nations. You can see below at a glance-

  • Foundation Year at first- 1874
  • Foundation Date: 9 October
  • Country: Switzerland

UN declared-

  • Year: 1969
  • Date: 9 October
  • Observes: Globally
  • Place: Tokyo, Japan
  • Proposal submitted by Shri Anand Mohan Narula (India)

World Post Day Observes Ideas

Everyone can celebrate the world post day in different ways. One can celebrate the day normally & one can do so on. Here some ideas are given below for you to make the whole day with cheer.

  • Sending Letter to Your Family- it will be awesome to own handwriting to your family member.
  • Send a love letter to Lover- By sending an attractive love letter to your lover, we mean that love can’t miss the day or letter for the whole day long.
  • To the children- by writing some motivational sentences, you may be a favorite for children.
  • Says- On the day say something at a meeting or conference about the importance of postal cards.
  • Awareness- Telling the value of the post department to the people as you are an aware person.

Why We Love The World Post Day?

We love post day because it’s our government property. Everyone should love the day & celebrate with like-minded. We love it as well as use it for its service. If we love it forever, the country will love us forever.. the postcards help us in, many steps as mailing, appointment letter, govt. issues & so on. By researching helpful things we can say about the day “We love post day”

World Post Day Time

By seeing this, you may prepare the time to observe without any precision of the next years-

Year Date Week Day
2020 9 October Friday
2021 9 October Saturday
2022 9 October Sunday
2023 9 October Monday

In conclusion, we say that the post division helps us not only for the personal sector but also for the govt sector. We should respect World post day. Thank you for stay with us to give your valuable time.

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