World Hijab Day Theme, Meaning, History & Reaction Worldwide

World Hijab Day 2023: Theme, Meaning, History & Reaction Worldwide

Hijab provides beauty and security to women. Although this is the culture of Muslims. Yet it has ideals for women of all creeds. Therefore, on the initiative of Nazma Khan, Hijab Day was established worldwide on February 1. On this day, World Hijab Day is celebrated simultaneously in more than 140 countries. The theme of the day is to remind everyone that hijab is a beneficial garment and initiative irrespective of religion.

What is the Meaning of Hijab?

Hijab in Arabic means cover or curtain. In order to control obscenity and adultery in the terms of Islamic rule, hijab refers to keeping women wrapped with a long sheet or veil up to the chest, including the head, to hide their appearance and beauty from men and non-mahram men. In particular, hijab refers to refraining from freely associating with prohibited men.

And one means to be completely covered so that the eyes of Bhima Purushas cannot understand the structure of a woman’s body. Hijab is a fard or mandatory subject of Islamic Shari’ah. There is infinite good in this if women can understand it. In today’s society, it can be seen that women wearing hijab are less victims of sexual harassment or torture.

Allah guided the world prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. He advised every man, the daughters of his family wives, and the women of the believers to draw a part of their cloak over their faces.- (Surah Ahzab verse 59)

History of Hijab Day

World Accounts Day was recognized internationally on February 1, 2013. Bangladeshi woman is the first founder and entrepreneur. Hijab is mandatory female clothing in Muslim culture. The day is celebrated simultaneously in a total of 190 countries, including Bangladesh, to realize the benefits that every woman will get if it is observed.

Where does Hijab Day of reckoning begin?

Nazma Khan, a Bangladeshi woman based in New York, USA, was the first to campaign on social media about the benefits of hijab. As a part of this, he started writing demanding a specific day for the international recognition and observance of hijab. At one point, Muslim countries supported this claim to observe the hijab worldwide and celebrated.

World Victory Day on February 1 in their respective countries. Within a few days of the beginning of this day, women of all religions, including Jews and Christians, raised this day to the peak of popularity as a day of dignity. Later it started to be observed regularly in more than 190 countries.

World Hijab Day 2023 Theme

The theme in 2023 of World Hijab Day is- ”Hijab in Arabic means ‘cover,’ and generally means being modest.”


Reaction to World Hijab Day

The Muslim Women’s Society and the Muslim Association of Britain organized an event called the Assembly for the Protection of Hijab. It was held on 17 January 2004. It was led by Allama Yusuf Al-Karzabi. Various programs are held in support of this event in Bangladesh. Besides, there is a lot of interest in observing the day in various Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

Finally, Hijab is a woman’s attire. The name of hijab is to cover the sensitive parts of the body including the face, chest and back with a large veil or sheet. However, many people think that wearing a burqa may be the observance of hijab, but today’s fashionable burqas reveal the structure and beauty of the body, that is, a lot of tight fitting burqas.

But the main purpose of hijab is to keep one’s body safe from other people’s eyes and mentally to avoid physical gestures and sexual relations with non-Mahram men. So hijab refers to preparation of mind as well as clothing. Comment for more details about this.






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