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World Food Day 2022: Theme, Date, History & Celebrations

Without food & drink, life can’t live. Food is an essential product of our earth. A man is a happy feeling if he/she gets more food. An occasion can’t establish or satisfy without arranging any food items. This year due to the Corona Virus effect people will celebrate the day in different activities. More than 150 countries have celebrated the day on 16 October every year.

The Food & Agriculture Organization(FAO) has taken the necessary steps to observe the 75th anniversary of World Food Day. This observes is different from other days. The theme, observes ideas, SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) target, history & more info. is available here.

This content not only readable but also for knowledge. A good even is waiting for us who can’t live without lives. The United Nations (UN) provides to celebrate the important day in many systems of items.

When is World Food Day 2022

  • Year > 2022
  • Date > October 16
  • Weekday > Sunday

World Food Day 2022 Theme

“Safer food, better health”

History of World Food Day

If we say to tell you about the history of world Food Day, it will be needed to learn more from google. You know that Mr. Google knows well about the day.

At a glance-

  • Est. (Established) : 1945- Ending moment of 2nd World War.
  • Est date-16th October
  • Established by- FAO( A member of UN)
  • Theme: Grow, Nourish together, our actions are our future.

The World Food Day Celebrating Ideas

A day will be promoted when it is celebrated in the right ways and activities. Many countries have taken the necessary steps to observe the important day. World Food Day is an auspicious day that serves us in any steps. Here some ideas are given below so that people can take the necessary steps to celebrate the day.

  • You can collect some items of food & drink
  • You can make a conference with some items of food & describe details about the food’s nutrition
  • You can make a banner, poster, handbill, etc., and awake people how important food is!
  • Gift some food to the poor people who know how painful the hungry moment is!
  • Call a meeting in a fixed place so that people can attend the meeting and take
  • Awake people from overeating & support diet control.
  • By celebrating the day keep busy yourselves
  • Involve people by FAO’s observes

Why We Love World Food Day?

Love isn’t a cheap feeling. Loves publish from the heart. There is no person who loves food. You can’t find any man who takes food yet. We mean, why we love the day? It’s not real, but we say, we always love World Food Day. By depending on the line we can love the day. Here, some ideas are given below that will help us loving-

  • Food & drink give us energy
  • People love food
  • It gives us breath
  • Food & drink like oxygen
  • Oxygen helps our lives
  • Life is live

So, food is life. So, we can say in one word “We always love the World Food Day”

Some quotes about World Food Day

Quotes give a man’s reality. Some items are given below for your better experience.

  • You can’t understand the value of foods until you have stayed hungry
  • .” We all eat and would be a sad waste of an opportunity to eat badly.” – Anna Thomas
  • “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” – John Gunther
  •  “People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

Dates of World Food Day

Year Date Week Day Holidays Type
2019 16 Oct Thursday UN Holidays
2020 16 Oct Friday UN Holidays
2021 16 Oct Saturday UN Holidays
2022 16 Oct Sunday UN Holidays
2023 16 Oct Monday UN Holidays
2024 16 Oct Wednesday UN Holidays

In conclusion, Without food, We can’t imagine our life. Food saves us as well as helps us to promote our economy. Thank You, dear, for giving your valuable time, Take care of your health.

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