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World Development Information day 2024: History, Activities & More

Welcome to our informative site. Are you searching for the World Development Information Day 2024- 24 October? Today, we provide information about World Development Information Day 2024, which is held on 24 October every year. You know that people can’t do anything without information in the digital world. We can’t lead a moment without information.

Every year, the United Nations celebrates the day in many ways Globally. Everyone wants to improve the day, which is celebrated on the same day as United Nations Day. The General Assembly of the U.N. declared the day to draw public problems & solve them.

History of World Development Information Day

History is the backbone of the day. A day is promoted by its history. Someone wants to know about the History of World Development Information Day. We have researched more & found some issues, which are given below for a better understanding-

  • Established Year…….1972
  • Est. date…………………24 October
  • Est. by………………….. The General Assembly is a member of the United Nations.
  • To…………….. Awake people

What do people do on the World Development Information Day?

We say 2024 is an informative year. You better know that humans have broken COVID-19 (Corona VIrus Disease-2019). In that case, we say the above adjective.

It should be necessary to know about the important day’s activities. Media & online may be the main issues to publish or broadcast a great event. Television, radio, magazines, and newspapers are ready to promote the day’s activity. Online is also included to publish news or activities on the day.

Many Government organizations & Non- government organizations take to observe the day.

information day pic 1

Why do We observe World Development Information Day?

Information runs fast. With a smart device, you will know all the news worldwide in a moment. Do you guess the information is valid? Yes, think about that. You are reading the content now and trying to know information that has been given, which occurs worldwide.

We may love or observe by the reason of-

  • Media awake us instantly
  • have more opportunities for income
  • Students can learn more in a short time
  • Businesses are increasing day by day
  • people can know unknown things easily

World Development Information Day Times

Quick Facts-

  1. Previous Year-


Date…………..24 October


Holiday Type… U.N. observance

2. This Year-


Date…………….24 October


Holiday Type… U.N. observance

N.B. = This is not a public holiday but a United Nations observance day.

In conclusion, information is an essential topic like breath. So, it is helpful for everyone. We should observe World Development Information Day. Thank you for giving your valuable time. Take care.

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