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World Cities Day 2024: Global Observance

Welcome to our trusted & informative site. Are you searching for World Cities Day 2024? Today, we are providing information about the day’s details. You know that every year on 31 October the big event is celebrated in different ways & different countries. The United Nations (UN) has declared that it will observe the lovely day.

Global observance, history, activities & latest info is available here. We have made the content with more research that will help you celebrate the important day—the content is for reading and knowledge.

What does World City mean?

World city, which is declared with an economic network. The city grows sustainable development goals. This is also called a power city, Alfa city, megacity, global city, etc. We are called the world city for the reason of-

  • Sustainability
  • Climate action
  • Urban regeneration
  • Technological innovation

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History of the world city

Can you say what the first city of the earth is? Uruk is the first city on Earth. Before the twentieth century, the town was published as a world city by its area, population & culture, and ancient settlement. The ten oldest cities in the world are included for your better imagination.

  1. Jericho, West Bank
  2. Byblos, Lebanon
  3. Athens, Greece
  4. Sidon, Lebanon
  5. Faiyum, Egypt
  6. Argos, Greece
  7. Susa, Iran
  8. Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  9. Aleppo, Syria
  10. Bagdad, Irak

Activities of the World Cities Day 2020

A historical day may be promoted by its activities. You better know that COVID-19 has broken many lives. In the pandemic period, many organizations, Govt. & NGO, as well as UNESCO, have taken more ways to observe the day globally. TV, media & radio also included broadcasting World Cities Day 2024 activities. We may follow the following steps on the day-

  • Discussion about World Cities Day
  • Discussion Ranking factor about world city
  • Awake people improving sustainable development goals(SDG)

Important urbanization

You know that many people gather in a city from rural areas to find a good job every year. Urbanization is one of the essential things to make a city like a world city. The Cities Day aims to provide a growing SDG. Technology is one of the vital resources in creating a mega city like New York or Paris.

Time of World Cities Day

2019 Thu 31 October World Cities Day United Nations observance
2020 Sat 31 October World Cities Day United Nations observance
2024 Sun 31 October World Cities Day United Nations observance
2022 Mon 31 October World Cities Day United Nations observance
2023 Tue 31 October World Cities Day United Nations observance
2024 Thu 31 October World Cities Day United Nations observance
2025 Fri 31 October World Cities Day United Nations observance

In conclusion, World Cities Day is one of the most essential observing days by UNESCO & we celebrate this important day. Thanks for giving your valuable time & staying with us.

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