World Children's Day Date, Theme, History and Celebrations

World Children’s Day 2022: Date, Theme, History and Celebrations

Dear Readers, Inside this article you will get to know International Children’s Day 2022 date, theme, history and celebration tips along with the key to transforming children’s brains into better thinking. Also, steal at least one day from the busy life to devote to children. We help to make children conscious, creative and above all, have real human characteristics.

However, try to read the entire article to install some advanced command-and-control software in your child’s head on the occasion of Children’s Day 2022.

When is World Children’s Day celebrated?


We know that international days are usually observed by the United Nations in different countries of the world. Therefore, every year in keeping with the United Nations General Assembly (UNICEF), 89 countries of the world celebrate International Children’s Day on November 20.

World Children’s Day Date

History of International Children’s Day

According to Wikipedia, Children’s Day was first celebrated in Chelsea on the second Sunday of June in 1857 by Dr. Charles Leonard. Later, Children’s Day was changed to “Rose Day”, “Flower Sunday” etc., but in 1920, the Republic of Turkey officially announced April 23 as Children’s Day.

June 1 was declared International Children’s Day in Geneva during the World Conference on Child Welfare in 1925 and was celebrated on that date until 1953.

History of International Children’s Day


A joint resolution of India and Uruguay was passed and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954 due to disagreement over the designation of June 1 as World Children’s Day. As a result, World Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20 from 1954 to the present.

World Children’s Day Theme 2021:

The United Nations published World Children’s Day Theme for 2021 is A Better Future for Every Child“.

International Children’s Day 2022 Theme:

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is calling on partners and supporters to share a positive message as the World Children’s Day 2022 Theme is-

”Equality and Inclusion for every Child”

Universal Children’s Day Activities & Celebrations in 2022

You know that the United Nations General Assembly organizes various events in different countries to celebrate World Children’s Day every year. How important Children’s Day will be will depend on our awareness, actions and celebration process.

Universal Children’s Day Activities


World Children’s Day is UNICEF’s annual day of action for children, by children. If you want to directly realize the complete activities of World Children’s Day 2022, then click here and join UNICEF. You can also follow the following ideas to personally celebrate World Children’s Day with your children and family:

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Enact a Play
  • Pool Games
  • Piñata
  • Twister
  • Hiking
  • Take them to the Planetarium
  • Take Them Bowling
  • Go to the Arcade with Your Kids
  • Have a Costume Party
  • Go-Karting

Why is it important to celebrate World Children’s Day?


Today’s children are the builders of tomorrow’s world. Children and teenagers have shown the world that they can do it by engaging in various public service activities. Today’s children are ushering in new eras in education, health, climate change, ending inequality and technological change.

World Children’s Day


Today’s young society is ready to take away all social, family and state rights. The image of different countries celebrating International Children’s Day is encouraging us more. That’s why national or international children’s day needs to be celebrated officially and unofficially – isn’t it?

Finally, depriving yourself of the joy of celebrating a child’s National or International Children’s Day to lay a good foundation is irresponsible. So let’s celebrate Children’s Day and help spread the right message, awareness and role models among young children.







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