Bangladesh Victory Day Quotes, Status, Messages, Wishes, Poem & Greetings

Bangladesh Victory Day 2022: Quotes, Status, Messages, Wishes, Poem & Greetings

On the occasion of Bangladesh’s 52nd birthday in 2022. 16th December is the Victory Day or Bijoy Dibosh of Bangladesh. We will have some of the best 16th December Bangladesh Victory Day 2022 Quotes, Status, Messages, Wishes, Poem & Greetings unique Sayings with captions. If you want to celebrate the great victory day financially, then you can collect our victory day wishes messages from below.

On the occasion of Bangladesh Victory Day, those who know the history of December 16 well in the past and want to celebrate this day with respect to Bangladesh from home and abroad with the endless glory of patriotism, they can share our rhymes and poems on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter on Bijoy Dibosh 2022.


52nd Bijoy Dibosh 2022- How to Celebrate?


Victory Day Facebook Status

Dear friends, those of you who are looking for victory day Facebook status, you will find some FB status from below our website which if shared will increase the love of your friends towards you and express the meaningful feeling of patriotism.

So, just like every day feelings of the heart are expressed on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, on the birthday of our motherland, copy at least one of the following statuses and post them on Facebook now to present your country to the world.

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16th December 2022 Wishes Status

When Bengalis look at the calendar at the last moment of the year, December 16 creates a special feeling in our hearts. Just as people enjoy their birthday in the best possible way and rejoice with their friends, there is no limit to the happiness of people from remote areas of the country, educational institutions, government and private institutions.

Therefore, the Great May Day is celebrated in every field of Bangladesh with sports competitions and fun activities, regardless of race-religion-caste. In 1971, Bangladesh was freed from Pakistan and a sovereign state of Bangladesh was born. The red green flag has become viral to the people of the world today.

Therefore, on the occasion of December 16 Great Day, if you cannot express your feelings online among friends, the three benefits are reduced. Isn’t that so? So, to make the great victory day worthwhile, it will definitely not be bad if you download one of the following greeting status or greeting pic and share it on social media.

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Best Captions on Victory Day 2022

Dear friends, are you looking for a best status or caption on the occasion of Great Victory Day on Facebook? Then you are in the right place. Below we welcome Bangladesh on the occasion of December 16 and express your feelings on Facebook below interesting Facebook captions will surely satisfy you.

Although many people of Bangladesh are living abroad, even though it is difficult, they also choose a caption from here to represent the dignity of Bangladesh and the feeling of love for the country.

Happy Victory Day 2022 Facebook Captions in Bangla click here.


Victory Day poem

On the occasion of Bangladesh’s birthday, Bengali wrote a wonderful poem, it is kept in the heart. Those friends who like to cover poetry on the occasion of Great Victory Day or need to cover poetry on any occasion do not have to think about which poem to cover.

We have provided here some of the best poems of poets on the occasion of December 16. It would be nice to cover those poems of patriotism with melody in the same way as the love for Bangladesh has been ingrained in the minds of poets.

Poetry in Bengali language is very sweet to hear. And if those poems express the feeling of love for the country, then it must be wonderful. I have personally read one of the best Bengali poems of Victory Day below for you.

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Victory Day 2022 Greetings

Dear friends, today 16 December is the great victory day of Bangladesh. The importance and boundless joy of Bangladesh’s 52nd Victory Day can be sent to friends, relatives, family, office bosses and colleagues on social media in a greetings inbox.

Many people look for the best greetings online to celebrate 16th December in a meaningful way. Hope you like each of our greetings or rhymes. Also, if you have an expatriate friend or relative, you can share a greeting on the Great Victory Day in his inbox right now.

Victory Day 2022 Best Greetings, Sayings click to see here.


16 December Quotes in Bangla 2022

“বিজয়ী যোদ্ধারা প্রথমে জিতে এবং তারপরে যুদ্ধে যায়,

পরাজিত যোদ্ধারা প্রথমে যুদ্ধে যায় এবং তারপরে জয়ের চেষ্টা করে।” – সান তজু


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Finally, to cherish Bangladesh’s Victory Day from the heart and honor the martyrs, the date 16th December will be forever remembered in hearts and calendar pages. May the Great Victory Day 2022 be successful and memorable in everyone’s mind. Thank You.




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