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Vesak Day 2024 Singapore- Date, Traditions, History & Meaning

Vesak Day is one of the most celebrated festivals in Singapore. Analyzing the significance of this day, it can be seen that the Buddhist monks celebrated the day by liberating various birds and animals as well as helping the poor and needy. Buddha Purnima is also celebrated in more than 12 countries of Singapore through silent processions and meditation.

In 1955, the day was made a national holiday. Since then, Buddha Purnima, or Vesak Day, has been celebrated in a festive atmosphere throughout Singapore as a public holiday. Let’s get to know the details of the tradition, including the schedule of Buddha Purnima and the significance of Vesak Day.

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When is Vesak Day?

The day falls on the first full moon of the fourth month according to the Chinese calendar and in May according to the Gregorian calendar. The Buddha Purnima of 2024 will be held on Sunday, May 15, 2024. As you know, the first Buddhist Fellowship Conference was held in Sri Lanka only on this day.

This day includes the birthday of Gautama Buddha, the holy human being of the Buddhists. In that sense, the lunar eclipse of the month of Baishakh reveals the significance of this day. However, Buddha Purnima will be officially celebrated on May 15 in Singapore.

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The Traditions of Buddha Purnima

Shakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Nepal-born Buddhism, traditionally established this theological day 3,000 years ago. Although there are different opinions about the exact date of his birth and death in Bangladesh, Buddhist scholars have said that it was five hundred years ago. However, according to Buddhist tradition, he is believed to have been born on April 8, 1029 BC.

Buddha Purnima has been selected as the festival day to preserve the historical activities among the Buddhists. The culture of the Buddhists can be seen through the celebration of this day. For example, on this day, the animals are released, and the rich and the poor all celebrate Buddha Purnima with joy.

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Shakyamuni’s Shakya Godrej family name was Gautam (Best Cow). From the spread of his knowledge, Buddha scholars called him Gautam Buddha. Many Buddhist archaeological and historical scholars from the source of the title celebrate the Buddha’s birthday on April 8. But that’s just the idea.

It is known from history that a woman named Sujata gave milk to Gautam Buddha on his birthday, and since then, it has become a tradition to distribute milk at Buddha Purnima folk gatherings. So, reviewing the Buddha Purnima tradition, it is seen that on this day, Buddhists celebrate Buddha Purnima with joy through the release of animals, financial aid to the poor and perpetual distribution. The eight spokes also symbolize the tremendous eightfold path of Buddhism, the success of the Buddha Purnima tradition.

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Lastly, we hope you all happily celebrate Buddha Purnima, i.e. Vesak Day. For those who have not yet found a trustworthy source of happiness in the closed full moon, at least traditionally make Vesak Day a success with friends and family through this article. Also, if you like the article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thank you for your valuable time.

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