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Valentine’s Week Full List 2024

Dear readers, I hope you are well. I got to love again in the month of February. It is the month of love, the month of language full of history and tradition. Western gurus celebrate a week-long history-based Valentine’s Day this month. It is a week celebrated not only in the western world but also all over the world today. Today’s article will discuss the complete list of Valentine’s Week. There are detailed tips for those who read this list in the New Year 2023. Let’s know when is the day of February in detail about the days throughout the week.

Valentine’s Day 2024 throughout the week

February is the month of love. World Love Day is celebrated on February 14 of this month, which is also known as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s week is celebrated all over the world not just for one day but for a long week. Today we will discuss the days of these seven days.

Valentine’s Week List

Valentine’s week will start on 7th February. 14th February will be celebrated as the ultimate love day.

The first day of February 7 is Rose Day. From this day till 14th February, the day is celebrated under different names.

Rose Day-7th February (Rose Day)

Rose Day of Valentine’s Week begins with the red rose of love. Because everyone respects the sacred flower as a token of love. On this day every lover starts Valentine’s week auspiciously by giving flowers to their loved ones. The romantic program continued in this vein till 14th February.

Proposal Day 8th February (Propose Day)

Proposal Day is celebrated on February 8 in the western world as a good time to open your heart to someone or propose marriage. But remember that if you keep flowers or a gift box in hand before proposing to your loved one, the chances of missing are less. So when you open your heart to your loved one on February 8, be sure to bring a gift to prepare their mind.

Chocolate Day February 9 (Chocolate Day)

On this day gift your partner the best chocolate in the market. Because it is known as Chocolate Day. And the day is respectfully celebrated around the world on February 9 as part of Valentine’s Week.

Teddy Day February 10 (Teddy Day)

Reminisce childhood memories by gifting a teddy or doll to your loved ones. And that’s what any girlfriend likes. That girl who has been playing KD with her friends since childhood is now getting a favorite gift from a loved one that will make her attracted to you. You will become close to him like childhood friends. So grab this opportunity on February 10.

Promise Day 11th February (Promise Day)

Promise your spouse that you will spend the rest of your life with them. Do you want to earn your beloved’s loyalty? Looking for a special day to commit to her forever? But February 11 is good for you. This day is an important part or day of Valentine’s Week, which is celebrated as Promise Day by all of the Western world.

Hug Day – 12th February (Hug Day)

Embracing your life partner means finding fulfillment in love. Hug your sweetheart tight on this day to add love to your busy life. Convince him that you are a gift from God and a faithful friend.

Kiss Day – 13 February (Kiss Day)

It is the most important day of the entire week. Kissing is a great way to express love. So no matter how busy you are on this day, kiss your partner at a favorite place. This will make your sweetheart interested in you and the relationship and bond will become stronger. So use this day to build a strong foundation in love.

Valentine’s Day- 14 February (Valentine’s Day)

The last day of the week will be the final Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Establish quality and sweet relationship with your partner on this day. Get over busy and adjust yourself with your beloved on this day. Make the whole day lovely. You can go anywhere. Or prepare to surprise your life partner on what she likes.


Valentine’s week is like a ladder to express love. A whole week is organized to reach the ultimate limit of love step by step. The best opportunity in your life is going to come in February. So express love to your sweetheart in different style every day.

Long live all the love in the world. Good luck to all the loving couples. May all lovers of the world be happy and prosperous. Happy Valentine’s Week 2023 be successful and beautiful. Stay well, stay healthy, thank you.






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