Happy Valentines Day Messages, Status, Funny Sayings 2022

Welcome to Valentine’s Day. If you searched online for important and important Valentine’s Day SMS, you are in the right place. We’ve added some exciting and fun Valentine’s Day SMS for boyfriend and girlfriend. You can wish your loved ones with this SMS.

Everyone is looking for some uncommon and unique love-related messages. We have come up with an SMS to celebrate Valentine’s Day beautifully. So you can copy the SMS and use it as a text SMS with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter. We observe a wide range of activities around February 14 worldwide. Test the people you love and enjoy the day.

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Funny SMS of Valentine’s Day

  Want to give pleasure to your boyfriend or girlfriend, but SMS can be an important medium. Texting SMS will make your boyfriend or girlfriend feel happy on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will be one of the most successful events in the world. Those who are doing funny and jokes love related SMS online- they can use the SMS from here to satisfy the people you love and make the day very enjoyable.

  • Thanks for being you and for being mine. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie.
  • To my best friend this Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t ask for someone who loves and supports me more than you do.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember not to eat too much candy—you’re sweet enough already.
  • What would I do without you by my side? Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life.
  • The world becomes a paradise when your hand is in mine. I love you, and I hope you know.

Attractive SMS on Valentine’s Day

  If you want to send interesting SMS to your boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, here is enough content. You can use the SMS provided to wish your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. You can enjoy Valentine’s Day with the people you love. Just save interesting SMS and enjoy much more.

  1. I never liked Valentine’s Day, and then I met you and I understood what it was all about.
  2. It’s just one day in the year, but you should know that I love you every day and every moment. Take my love on this beautiful occasion!
  3. What would I do without you by my side? Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life.
  4. When we met, I knew I wanted to spend every single Valentine’s Day with you. You’re my rock and I don’t know what I’d do without you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  5. With love, respect and devotion I will love you till the end of time my dear husband. May this valentine help our love grow stronger.
  6. You’re the reason I am who I am today. Thank you for everything you do for us. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

Happy Valentines Day Wishes/ Status

Will Valentine’s Day just be celebrated by those who have boyfriends and girlfriends? No, in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day properly, Valentine’s Day is the name of celebrating together with friends, relatives, neighbors and family members. But we celebrate Valentine’s Day only for lovers without realizing the real meaning. There are no hard and fast rules for celebrating Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t have a lover.

  • My love, thank you for changing my world with your astonishing love and beauty. Have Valentine’s Day that is as amazing as the true love we share.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the most special person in my life. You are my love, my heart, my joy, and my valentine.
  • It is the best day to tell you that I have fallen for you. Happy Valentine’s day. Please be my valentine.

Happy Valentines Day Sayings Funny

So, on the occasion of World Valentine’s Day, romantic love message rhyme poems and quotes are provided here so that our important visitors can make Valentine’s Day a success. The world is so beautiful because there is love. Love needs to be nurtured in the heart without burning itself in the heat of love.

1. You blow me away.  Pair with a Blow Pop.

2. You are a “beary” special friend. Pair with a small bag of gummy bears, or even Teddy Grahams.

3. You’re such a smartie! Attach this card to a roll of Smarties candies.

4. I think you’re a star! This would be cute paired with a couple of Starburst candies. These biodegradable paper treat bags are a nice way to package small items.

5. You’re off the hook! Pair this saying with a small bag of gummy worms.

6. You are one in a melon! This would be cute with watermelon candies, like Sour Patch Watermelons.

7. I love you to pieces! Pair with a bag of Reese’s Pieces candies.

8. I like you berry much! You could pair this saying with berry-flavored fruit snacks or even fresh berries.

9. You are a gem of a friend! Attach this saying to a Ring Pop for a fun Valentine.

10. We are mint to be. You could pair this saying with a small box of Junior Mints or another mint-flavored candy.

On Valentine’s Day, you are eager to express love in the engine of the mind. What friends should do on Valentine’s Day, people in love should dedicate to each other on February 14 according to the plan about Valentine’s Day. Anyway, let’s not forget about the romantic love messages, love rhyme poems and the history of Dance Day on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

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