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The Independance Day Of Bangladesh- 26th March, 2024 Celebration

Hello, Dear. Welcome to our trusty page. Today, we are providing information to inform you of Bangladesh’s birthday. Here, you may know when, why, how & who is the main issue for getting this name. If you don’t know about Bangladesh, don’t worry; this page is only for you. 26 March is Bangladesh’s birthday. Every country has its birthday. Bangladesh is one of them. You may find history, culture & traditional features in this content—Bangladesh is the race that fought for language (Bangli) in 1952.

Depending on the case, Bangladesh has earned the flag of Bangladesh. So friends, let’s get details about Pradesh as an independent country. Do you know why this country is called a mother? How many People fought for freedom? How much economics was lost in the war? How many real heroes sacrificed their lives? Why was the war held between West Pakistan & East Pakistan? All answers to the question are available here.

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Why is Bangladesh called a mother?

Mother is a beautiful name on Earth. By researching about it, we have found two steps –

  1. We learn the language from our mother as we are citizens of Bangladesh. We have learned the Bangli language, so we call Bangladesh a mother. So, we say proudly that Bangladesh is a mother.
  2. On the other hand, you know that a country can’t live without independence. Bangladesh is called a motherland, but Thailand is called its fatherland. So Thailand is different from other countries because it hasn’t achieved it.

So, we can make a perfect decision about Bangladesh as a mother.

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Bangladesh Independence Day-Date

Man can’t live without at large. They are facing many serious problems; East Pakistan has earned & established the name of Bangladesh. We say in short that 26 March is the independence day of Bangladesh, but getting the name, we lost a massive number of freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for Bangladesh. Freedom fighters have fought for nine months, and the name Bangladesh is on the Earth’s map. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared Bangladesh’s independence on 26 March. Every year, Bangladeshi people observe Independence Day with a cheerful mind in various steps on 26 March.


History of Independence Day, Bangladesh

Looking at the previous period of Bangladesh, we find the detailed history of the independence day. The general election was held in 1970, and the Awami League party, led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, won with a clear majority in East Pakistan; still, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto & Yahya Khan didn’t want to give East Pakistan’s national seat to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. They made the Agartala conspiracy case against Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. But Bangabandhu called a meeting on 7 March 1970 at Racecourse Maidan and gave his famous speech. Depending on speech, East Pakistan people wanted to struggle from West Pakistan

.” Operation Search Light” on 25 March at midnight, the West Pakistan Military killed a considerable number of meritable people in East Pakistan. Then, the People of East Pakistan began to fight against West Pakistan and fought for more than nine months to achieve freedom. Sacrificing more than 30 lakh people’s lives and two lakins in exchange for the honour of mother & sister, Bangladesh has got the desired independence.

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Timing of Independence Day, Bangladesh

Date Year Day
26 March 2020 Thursday
26 March 2021 Friday
26 March 2023 Saturday
26 March 2024 Sunday

In Conclusion, Freedom doesn’t want to live. Bangladesh is independent today. It is an essential duty of all to celebrate the Independence Day of Bangladesh as a citizen of Bangladesh. So, Independence Day is a crucial day for Bengalis. Thank you, dear, for staying with us. Thank you.

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