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The Feast of the Assumption 2024: How is the Feast of the Assumption Celebrated?

The Feast of the Assumption marks the first Sunday in Lent. It is also known as the Immaculate Conception. On this day, Mary, mother of God and Virgin Mary, became immaculately pregnant after her husband’s marriage to Mary Magdalene, where the Virgin had given birth to Jesus Christ. Since then, Catholics worldwide have celebrated this feast on their feast days.

In fact, according to Catholic tradition, Mary had remained hidden from her husband until the night before his wedding to hide from him the conception of her son Jesus. She let her daughters go to the garden where the fruits of all the trees had been plucked that year.

While she was alone, a stone was rolled from the hillside and interpreted as the stone that was thrown at Jesus by one of his disciples. When Mary and the women returned home, they told the bride’s father they had brought a stone with them.

When is The Feast of the Assumption 2024?

When the bride’s father saw the stone, he came out to meet them and told them about the miraculous event that had happened to Mary. Since then, this feast has been celebrated worldwide on August 15th each year on this particular day of the Assumption.

  • Year > 2024
  • Date > 15th August
  • Weekday > Monday

Feast of Ascension 2024

On this day, Mary is said to have suffered many hardships during her life, which is why she is said to dwell in poverty. However, as we know, she was welcomed into Heaven when the angel announced that the hands of Jesus Christ would save her. After this great event,

Mary was transported to the holy place of a monastery, where she spent twenty-two years in prayer and penance. Also, she was honoured with many other religious privileges, including the right to feed the monks with wheat and barley daily.

When she returned home, a new baby was in the house, so she went to nurse him. She was never allowed to see her child because of her Virginity, but she always felt so good about seeing her child, even though nobody else was around.

How is the Feast of the Assumption Celebrated?

The next time you celebrate the Feast of the Assumption, you can make it a memorable occasion by decorating your church with religious icons that commemorate this most sacred event in the early part of the Christian era. There are also many traditional Latin songs that you can play in the church before the celebration, and you can also distribute holy Communion to everyone in the church. To make the celebration more memorable for everybody, you can also include some religious poems or sayings.

This particular feast is not only about the Virgin Mary, as many stories and symbols are connected with this festival. For instance, the first Christianity came about when Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus fled to Egypt. A storm had come on when they arrived, so they were forced to leave behind their baby.

They were driven out of town and took the baby with them, along with some young girls who were considered his friends. Over time, they reached Egypt and settled in the city of Magdala. There, they established a church called St. Mary of Magdala, which means Mary of Magdala, and the Feast of the Assumption took place.

The feast day of St. Mary is celebrated all over the world on the 7th Sunday of each month. It is a trendy Christian festival, and many Christians celebrate it on this day rather than on any other. If you plan to attend a Catholic Church, it would be wise to visit the parish church of your locality and introduce yourself to the parishioners.

There is nothing worse than having a terrible time getting to your favourite Catholic church! If you do not wish to go to a regular Catholic Church, you can also go to any other Protestant church or church that follows that religion’s beliefs.

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