Sweetest Day 2022- Date, Meaning, History, Activities & Observances

Sweetest Day has become almost synonymous with Valentine’s Day. People give chocolates, flowers, little gifts and, of course, candies to the people they love the most on this day. But what exactly is Sweetest Day and what makes it so special? Why do people celebrate this special holiday every year when it is usually just a few days away? And what does it mean to the world?

The roots of Sweetest Day can be traced back to 1832 when the Marquise de Pompadour made a presentation to the French general population inviting them to celebrate a week from October called Aulac or Aufreux. This name means “the first of the Sweetest Days”. Sweetest Day was first celebrated in France where people gave out sweets in exchange for various valuables. It became popular in England and America but was revised in order to suit the already established dates. This revised date became the second “Sweetest Day” on which the rich and famous gave out candies and other sweets in exchange for money or other valuables.

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What Day is Sweetest Day 2021?

On the second Monday of every October, Sweetest Day takes place in many American towns, including Cleveland, Ohio; Omaha, Nebraska and San Francisco, California. The rich and famous visit the cities in order to offer their gifts and/or share some of their wealth. The day is a day when children and adults alike are free to indulge in sweets of all types. In many cases, a family or individual serving as an escort will hand out small gifts to the people they meet and accompany them to local shops and markets. This is also an opportunity for the homeless to receive small candy gifts.

  • Year > 2021
  • Date > 16 October
  • Weekday > Saturday

Where is Sweetest Day Celebrated?

Sweetest Day is celebrated in various countries across Europe like Belgium, Iceland, Spain, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and in certain parts of the United States like Iowa, Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania. A visit to any of these European nations during this holiday will reveal that in every market and public place, sweets are available.

Sometimes, local markets arrange to have an “after-market” sale on products like honey, fruit and cheese. While on this festive holiday, Ohio’s most famous sweets are produced right here in the home state.

Happy Sweetest Day Celebrations

In early February in Canada, organizers of the “Lac-iere de la Loire” or Sweetest Day gather visitors at the Chateau des Olivers in Paris, where the queen holds court. The festival is a time when lovers rush to buy chocolate and orange and red licorice. During the daytime, one of the main attractions in Paris is the Chateau des Olivers, where the queen and her new husband, Laporte, enjoy a stroll on the lawn before dinner. Other than the Chateau des Olivers, people celebrate Sweetest Day in the Gard Montaigne, where they exchange cards and kiss each other; the Pont Neuf, where they take water with rosewater; and in the Place du Sacre, where they watch the performances of the La Ballet and the Teatro.

Sweetest Day celebrations have an important place in the French culture and are closely associated with Valentine’s Day in the UK. In France, the festival is known as L’Agenaisse du Monde or the World of Flowers; in the UK, it is known as World Flora Day. Sweetest Day celebrations in Ohio often begin on the first Tuesday of May. Ohio State University students also organize Sweetest Day events, inviting the community to join in on a day of eating, blooming flowers and sharing happy experiences.

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