International Day of Rural Women 2020- 15 October

International Day of Rural Women 2022- 15 October, UN Official

Welcome to our site at Hello Dear, are you searching for the United Nations(UN) holidays, don’t think this content is just for you. Today we are providing you to inform you about the international rural woman day details. History, culture, activities, timing, different city vs rural woman, symbol, color, etc are available here. This content needs to read by heart because a rural woman is an essential woman in our life. There are different city women & rural women.

International Rural of Women’s Day History

We should need to know the history of rural women’s day because we have celebrated international women’s day globally. Without history any celebrating day, a day couldn’t observe internationally. For that, the day is celebrating as a historical moment now around the world. Here some keyphrase is given bellow-

  • First celebrated-28th February 1908 base on some garment workers to honor the rural women.
  • Place- Newyork
  • Soviet Russia was celebrated the day on March 8, 1917.
  • The United States began celebrating the day in 1977.

United Nations declared the day as the world’s rural women’s day in 1975 to gain women’s rights.

Why We Love the International Rural of Women’s Day?

By much researching international rural women. We have seen that rural women are an auspicious woman like a mother. If we see the developed country, without rural women they can’t eat rice. Rural Women play an important role in the earth. Agriculture, natural resource, and so on curriculum activities are worked by rural women. Rural women process all kinds of things which are needed to lead our life. We can’t pass a day without a daily product that is made by rural women. They manage our oxygen. we should honor them on a historical day on 15 October. this day is an auspicious day for everyone. Nowadays, we see that all kinds of sector rural women attend to serve people. So, we can say with the word” I love rural women”

In the COVID-19 as a pandemic period, rural women play important role in any country around the world. Masks, hand sanitizer, PPE is made by rural women.

International Rural Women’s Day Activities

The United Nations takes many curriculum activities to observe the day. More than 190 countries are celebrated the day on 15 October every year.

Many people, government agencies,  and non-government organizations celebrate the International Day of Rural Women.  Television, radio, online, magazine, newspaper, and print media broadcast features to promote the day as a glorious day. Here some ideas which you can apply to observe the day-

  • meet & publish rural women’s importance on the day.
  • make a conference
  • inform the people who ignore rural women
  • City and rural area decoration with a banner.
  • gift some things to the rural women

Time of the International rural women’s Day

Year Week Day Date Holiday Type
2020 Thursday 15 Oct UN holidays
2021 Saturday 15 Oct UN holidays
2022 Sunday 15 Oct UN holidays
2023 Monday 15 Oct UN holidays
2024 Tuesday 15 Oct UN holidays
2025 Thursday 15 Oct UN holidays
2026 Friday 15 Oct UN holidays

In conclusion, The international day of rural women is an essential day for everyone. We should need to observe the historical day with enough tools. It is time to celebrate the day worldwide because in the pandemic period we see rural women who sacrifice their life. Thank you for giving your valuable time & stay with us. Keep social distance and save a life.

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