Public Holidays 2022 Bangladesh- Govt Calendar

Today is a public holiday? If such a question has come up then in this content we have listed the national holidays of Bangladesh. A 2022 calendar with a list of history, heritage, festivals and official holidays can be found here. National and International Day questions are asked in various job examinations including government and private employees. So here is a year-round public holiday calendar with weekly holidays. Possible dates of various festivals are also mentioned here.

It is to be noted that according to the official calendar, we have published the list of all government and optional holidays of Bangladesh born in 2022 which have the power to be changed by the Government of Bangladesh. Also scroll down here to know Government Office Court Holidays including School College Holiday List, Government Calendar, Government Holiday List, Government Primary School Holiday List, Government Secondary School Holiday List, Madrasa Holiday List.

School College Holiday List 2022 Bangladesh

You know, the school-college weekly holiday is Friday. Besides, schools and colleges are closed for various government holidays during the weekly holidays. Knowing the exact day will surely make it easier for everyone to celebrate the day as planned. Isn’t that so? Let’s find out now about the details of School College Holiday 2022 in Bangladesh.

Public Holiday in Bangladesh 2022

Official Calendar 2022 is available here. It is important to save the 2022 calendar on mobile to get an idea about the calendar. If you want, you can download our official calendar in PDF format from here.

calendar 2022

Bangladesh Govt Holiday 2022

How many public holidays in Bangladesh per year? According to the Bangladesh government calendar, an employee gets 20 days casual leave. Government and various NGOs observe such holidays. So we think it’s important to keep a list of public holidays.

The great thing is if you can download the public holiday list 2020 and print it and stick it on the wall. So click below to download the official calendar.

Government Primary School Holiday List 2022

It is necessary to know the list of holidays for students starting from government primary school teachers. The list of official holidays of primary schools is given below by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education of Bangladesh.

Secondary school holiday list 2022

It is often seen that today is a public holiday but school and college are not closed. On the one hand, government and non-government employees are celebrating public holidays, but on the other hand, school-college teachers and students are performing their regular duties.

The discrepancy occurs due to time constraints and having a list of school, college or secondary school holidays and public holidays. So, we have separated the list of high school holidays here – so that there is no discrepancy in the celebration of the day.

Govt Holiday 2022 Bangladesh pdf

If you want to download the official calendar, you can download it in PDF format. However, it is true that even if a few days of the past and next year are celebrated, it is not always. So, news is available here for the official calendar 2022.

Download PDF

List of Madrasa holidays 2022

There are as many government and private madrasas in Bangladesh as there are public holidays in Bangladesh. Madrasa teachers and students are covered under it. Yet separately we have provided here the list of 2020 Madrasa holidays.

Is Today a Holiday in Bangladesh?

If you have the official calendar of Bangladesh in your collection in response to the question that today is a public holiday, then surely there is nothing different to say. You can go if you look at the calendar with the official calendar. If today is a public holiday then surely it will be your desired day isn’t it?

Is Tomorrow a holiday in Bangladesh?

If you download the official calendar from the link above, you can easily ask Google according to tomorrow’s date and Google will display the list of public holidays in Bangladesh. And from there you can see a list of all the public holidays from January to December, including today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Public Holidays 2022 Bangladesh- Govt Calendar

Date Name Type
1 Jan Saturday New Year’s Day Optional Holiday
10 Jan Monday Bangabandhu Homecoming Day Observance
5 Feb Saturday Saraswati Puja Optional Holiday
14 Feb Monday Valentine’s Day Observance
16 Feb Wednesday Maghi Purnima Optional Holiday
21 Feb Monday Language Martyrs’ Day Government Holiday
1 Mar Tuesday Maha Shivaratri Optional Holiday
1 Mar Tuesday Shab-e-Meraj Optional Holiday
2 Mar Wednesday National Flag Day Observance
2 Mar Wednesday Ash Wednesday Optional Holiday
17 Mar Thursday Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birthday Government Holiday
17 Mar Thursday Doljatra Optional Holiday
18 Mar Friday Holi Hindu Holiday
19 Mar Saturday Shab e-Barat (Tentative Date) Government Holiday
20 Mar Sunday March Equinox Season
26 Mar Saturday Independence Day Government Holiday
30 Mar Wednesday Arrival Day of Sri Sri Harichand Tagore Optional Holiday
13 Apr Wednesday Chaitra Sankranti Optional Holiday
14 Apr Thursday Bengali New Year Government Holiday
14 Apr Thursday Maundy Thursday Optional Holiday
15 Apr Friday Good Friday Optional Holiday
16 Apr Saturday Holy Saturday Optional Holiday
17 Apr Sunday Easter Day Optional Holiday
18 Apr Monday Easter Monday Observance
29 Apr Friday Jumatul Bidah (Tentative Date) Government Holiday
29 Apr Friday Shab-e-qadr (Tentative Date) Government Holiday
1 May Sunday May Day Government Holiday
2 May Monday Eid ul-Fitr Holiday (Tentative Date) Government Holiday
3 May Tuesday Eid ul-Fitr (Tentative Date) Government Holiday
4 May Wednesday Eid ul-Fitr Holiday (Tentative Date) Government Holiday
5 May Thursday Eid ul-Fitr Holiday (Tentative Date) Optional Holiday
8 May Sunday Mothers’ Day Observance
15 May Sunday Buddha Purnima/Vesak Government Holiday
19 Jun Sunday Fathers’ Day Observance
21 Jun Tuesday June Solstice Season
1 Jul Friday July 1 Bank Holiday Bank Holiday
9 Jul Saturday Eid al-Adha Holiday (Tentative Date) Government Holiday
10 Jul Sunday Eid al-Adha Government Holiday
11 Jul Monday Eid al-Adha Holiday (Tentative Date) Government Holiday
12 Jul Tuesday Eid al-Adha Holiday (Tentative Date) Optional Holiday
12 Jul Tuesday Ashari Purnima Optional Holiday
30 Jul Saturday Muharram (Tentative Date) Observance
9 Aug Tuesday Ashura (Tentative Date) Government Holiday
11 Aug Thursday Raksha Bandhan Hindu Holiday
15 Aug Monday National Mourning Day Government Holiday
18 Aug Thursday Janmashtami Government Holiday
31 Aug Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu Holiday
9 Sep Friday Madhu Purnima Optional Holiday
21 Sep Wednesday Akhari Chahar Somba (Tentative Date) Optional Holiday
23 Sep Friday September Equinox Season
25 Sep Sunday Mahalaya Optional Holiday
26 Sep Monday First Day of Navaratri Hindu Holiday
4 Oct Tuesday Mahanabami Optional Holiday
5 Oct Wednesday Durga Puja Government Holiday
9 Oct Sunday Eid e-Milad-un Nabi (Tentative Date) Government Holiday
9 Oct Sunday Lakshmi Puja Optional Holiday
9 Oct Sunday Prabarana Purnima Optional Holiday
24 Oct Monday Sri Shayama Puja Optional Holiday
31 Oct Monday Halloween Observance
7 Nov Monday Fateha-i-Yajdaham (Tentative Date) Optional Holiday
16 Dec Friday Victory Day Government Holiday
22 Dec Thursday December Solstice Season
24 Dec Saturday Christmas Eve Optional Holiday
25 Dec Sunday Christmas Day Government Holiday
26 Dec Monday Boxing Day Optional Holiday
31 Dec Saturday New Year’s Eve Bank Holiday

Lastly, may your every day be filled with the blessings of the great Creator. Whether I was able to keep the calculation of a sinless day correct or not, I keep a record of it in my life notebook. Then every second, every minute, every day, month, year and hell will be favorable.

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