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Pchum Ben (Pantcha’s Tree) 2024- Date, History, Celebrations & Facts

Pchum Ben (Pantcha’s Tree) is a small tree on the left bank of Phuket’s famous red-hot coastal promenade. Its shade hides the remains of an ancient sacrificial ritual that occurred during the reign of Rama V. The ritual, traditionally commemorated by throwing a red dot from the tree onto the starboard side of the ship, is meant as an offering to Buddha. The dot is then climbed onto the tree, symbolizing the climb into heaven. The event is said to be a spiritual threshold as the devotee leaves his earthly existence to take his place next to Buddha in heaven.

On this day, October, Pchum Ben celebrates the second day of Bhaktapati, which mourns the departure from the cycle of life and death. In addition to offering red dots and coconut blossoms, Pchum Ben also provides prayers for the deceased, which takes place at the beginning of the Khmer month. Khmer is a period of transition from the old into the new. During this month, the new monarchs are welcomed into the temples and community centres with the rituals of receiving them as representatives of change.

When is the Pchum Ben Festival 2024?

The Khmer festival dates back to the early twentieth century when the Western world discovered the region of Sihanoukville, located in the southwest of Thailand. The two most important events in the Pchum Ben festival are throwing coconut and red dot offerings to Buddha and King Sihanouk before entering the caves. The offerings represent the wish that they will attain Nirvana. Another important holiday in Thailand is the month of October, which celebrates the first day of Chanathabun, which celebrates the victory of Buddha over Mara.

  • Year > 2024
  • Date > October 5
  • Weekday > Tuesday

History of Pchum Ben

During the Khmer New Year, Pchum Ben serves as the focal point for ceremonies conducted at the local temple and nearby monasteries. The festival includes several activities, such as decorating houses, rituals, prayers and performances. For instance, on the first day of Pchum Ben, there are offerings of red dots, coconut blossoms, wood decorations and candles at both the local temple and the Monastery of Pae Tham. They will then perform dances and music outside the temples and on the outskirts of Pchum Ben. The performance is meant to express gratitude to the deceased for accepting teachings and to celebrate the coming of the new year.

On the evening of the first fourteen days of Pchum Ben, also the Khmer New Year, the guests will undergo a vital ceremony known as the Khmer Angkor. In this ceremony, they can meet their deceased ancestors who have passed away. They will then perform their favourite rituals, such as blessing the dead and reciting their poem. This will be followed by a seven-day fast, during which they only eat fruits and liquids. On the seventh day of Pchum Ben, also the first day of the New Year, they will read their favourite book, pray and partake of their alms.

On the night of the fifteenth day of Pchum Ben, the Khmer month of November, the community will celebrate Angkor Wat. This celebration will commemorate the birth of King Khmer along with his death. It will also highlight his achievements and courage during his reign. This event will conclude with the crowning of a new king. On this day, the community will again hold an event dedicated to welcoming the king home. It is customary for the leader of a royal family to depart from Phetchun, where he began his reign, spend the next seven days in honour of his ancestors, and celebrate his return to Phetchun.

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