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Pakistan Independence Day 2022: Happy National Day of Pakistan

Pakistan Independence Day is a special national holiday in Pakistan, a day which is celebrated with great joy and happiness all over the country. This glorious celebration of Independence Day is one of the most colorful events of the year. It is a day when Pakistanis get together to celebrate and observe the historical fact of Pakistan becoming an independent state. On this special day, the nation celebrates and joyously honors its glorious past.

On this special day Pakistanis not only celebrate their Independence Day with enthusiasm and gusto, but also remember their past heroes and heroines, who played a vital role in building the fantastic civilization and nation of Pakistan. Independence Day celebration is a huge gathering which takes place in all major cities of Pakistan.

When is Pakistan Independence Day?

In the second week of August, all the big cities of Pakistan celebrate Pakistan Independence Day with great joy and happiness. On this day, people all over Pakistan to give a gun salute to the government on the lawns of the various provincial headquarters.

The federal capital is decked with red carpets, banners of different national flags, and huge placards with the pictures of various national leaders, who are honored on this particular day. There are also numerous television and print advertisements, which carry a picture of the chief guest, Benazir Bhutto, along with his famous quote “This is my last testament”. Pakistan Independence Day is on 14 August-

  • Year > 2022
  • Date > August 14
  • Weekday > Sunday 

How do you Celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan?

The celebrations on this Independence Day are also underway in all the key cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Rawal, Quetta, Karachi, Hyderabad, Quetta, Rawal, and others. All the major cities have massive parades, which take place on the streets.

During these celebrations, there are special events like the firing of the Pakistan army, which takes place at the Azadi Maidan in the center of Islamabad. Various other fireworks, rock concerts, and musical and cultural performances also take place at these occasions.

Pakistanis on this national holiday enjoy a number of festivals, including a number of traditional festivities, as well as some international sporting events, which take place throughout the nation. Some of the most important festivals celebrated on this occasion include the D-day celebration, Pakistan Vs India international match, Pakistan vs England, Pakistan vs. India,

Pakistan vs West Indies, Pakistan vs New Zealand, Pakistan vs Australia, Pakistan vs West Indies, Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, Pakistan vs. India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, Pakistan vs Zimbabwe, and Republic Day. Pakistanis also celebrate a number of important religious events on this day.

Pakistan celebrates its independence day with much zeal. All over Pakistan, people decorate their homes with red, white, and green ribbons that signify the freedom struggle. They also hold numerous historic celebrations such as a candle ceremony at the Jama Masjid. Pakistanis also celebrate a variety of social festivals such as a visit to the tombs of great personalities, a visit to the urban stall at the Pakistan Museum and a sit up dinner at the Pakistan Bhaghu Temple.

Pakistanis also observe several other customs and traditions on this day. Some of the popular customs and traditions observed on this day include enjoying sweets during the lunch hours, reading the poem Mahanarayan on D-day, observing the five daily prayers, and finally saying the sale to the idol, Ganesh.

Pakistan Independence Day Facts

Pakistanis on this day go about their business, celebrating and enjoying the freedom that they have obtained. The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, witnesses huge celebrations with great pomp and show. Thousands of cars gather at the National Stadium, Islamabad, where the Pakistan National Soccer Team is playing a match.

There are huge fireworks and loud music all around the venue. Celebrators also gather at Pakistan International Airport, Pakistan International Plaza, Pakistan Sports Club, Quaid-I antidotes bookstore, Pakistan Television Museum,

Pakistan State University campus, Quaid-i-Arab bookshop, T Karachi cinema hall, Quaid-I-Hama bookstore, Pir Sohawa Islamic bookshop, Tariq Masjid, Pir Sohawa Plaza, Pakistan Cultural Center, Pakistan Restaurant and Bar, etc. All these places mark the start of Pakistan Independence Day celebrations.






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