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Orthodox New Year in Canada- 14 January 2024

Welcome to the Orthodox New Year, held on January 14 by the Gregorian Calendar in 2021. There’s no astronomical reason to celebrate New Year’s Day in January. Many Christian citizens in Canada follow the Julian Calendar to observe the New Year. There are some similar dates between Gregorian & Julian Calendar.

Though New Year is held on January 1 by the Julian Calendar, it is also observed on January 14 by the Gregorian Calendar. After 14 days from January 1, Canadians celebrate the new year again with many co-curricula. Activities. This is an opportunity for the Canadian people who get a new year twice yearly. Though it has a funny meaning, people observe it with more activities like Universal Happy New Year.

Holding on two times the new year, the main reason for it is the two calendars as Gregorian & Julian calendar. We have again included some items of activities, importance, history, facts,  and wishes for the content. Just read the content thoroughly to acknowledge more knowledge on January 14.

History of Orthodox New Year

History is the backbone of a nation & nation-related topics like Orthodox New Year. It is also called the Old New Year, observed in Canada and Russia or Ukraine on January 14 because the Gregorian calendar failed the Orthodox New Year as a specific date. We have added the Orthodox New Year’s history or background by giving a bulleted list, which helps a better understanding.

  • Orthodox New Year is for those who follow the Julian Calendar nowadays
  • People have observed the day on January 14 since 1901.
  • People have followed the day for religious issues since 1901.
  •  Poland, Portugal, and Spain accepted the Gregorian calendar’s introduction in 1582. On the other hand, Great Britain (1752) and Greece (1923).
  •  The Orthodox New Year must be trusted with the start of the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar, which traditionally begins on September 1.

What do people do?

Orthodox New Year is an opportunity date to re-wish. People can wish friends, family members, and other focused people a happy New Year.

orthodox new year activity

People make the following bulleted list on January 14 as New Year’s Day

  • With each other
  • Someone keeps busy eating, and someone prepares food.
  • Some churches host gala dinners to fund charitable causes or church-building restorations.
  • Like-minded people take a drink as well as pray for a good event.
  • Gather a host party.

Critical of Orthodox New Year

Orthodox New Year is more important for Christians who follow the Julian Calendar than the Gregorian as regards religious issues. The day is essential to get rid of religion. On January 14, people do some activities that are important not only for Canada but also for other countries. We included some importance which is followable-

Important for-

  • The Christian Religious
  • Tradition in Canada
  • Popularity
  • Locally observance
  • Re-celebrate

Celebrating the new year is not only a way to get rid of all the filth of the old year but also to re-arrange the new year in a new schedule and give a new look to the heart, burdened with all kinds of old sorrows. We believe you would like each of our items to enjoy the New Year for a day, as there is no such day as every day. I wish you all a happy Orthodox New Year.

Happy Orthodox New Year Status & Quotes

1). Days, months, and calendars change as New Year arrives. I pray that this year also brings a change in your attitude and focus to experience the real success

2). May the almighty shower his kind blessings on you and your family. I wish you a pleasant new year.

3). May God be kind to fulfill all your dreams and desires in the coming year. I wish you a pleasant new year.

4). May your life blossom like a flower. I pray that every day this coming year should unfold like a petal in a blossoming flower.

5). Wish you and your family a very blessed new year. Let God be kind and shower blessings and happiness on your family.

Orthodox New Year Messages and Wishes

6). Good health, peace, and good luck. May all these three be yours in the coming year—Happy New Year 2024.

7). May this New Year be bright and happy. May peace and happiness reside in your family. I wish you a happy New Year 2024.

8) I hope to keep smiling on you daily throughout the year. I wish you a pleasant new year.

9). As this old year fades, may the New Year break out with brightness and sparkles. Happy New Year 2024.

10). May you have peace, joy, and good health throughout the year—Happy New Year 2024.

Times of Orthodox New Year

Year Weekday Date Name Observe Type
2019 Monday January 14 Orthodox New Year Orthodox
2020 Tuesday January 14 Orthodox New Year Orthodox
2021 Thursday January 14 Orthodox New Year Orthodox
2024 Friday January 14 Orthodox New Year Orthodox

Finally, Orthodox Day is not a public holiday but an observance. If you have any queries, please let us know.

Thank you.

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