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Happy Onam Festival 2024: When is Onam Festival?

Vast celebrations on Onam’s holy day complete Onam’s colourful tradition. It is expensive because the festival includes all colours of the rainbow. Onam is a fantastic festival which symbolizes all that is good in this world and the kind of life you can lead if you follow the right path. It is vast because Onam is observed in many parts of India and Asia. It is also vast because Onam is celebrated at two critical festivals, Onam puja and Onam Hindu.

It is also because Onam is celebrated as a harvest festival with great delight, joy and happiness in most parts of India. Onam is renowned for being the first day of the new moon. Onam is a festival of colour, fun, joy, and happiness. Onam celebrates the entire month of Magh (January – February) when Lord Vishnu’s avatar was born. Onam is synonymous with Onam Purnima, or Lord Vishnu’s birthday.

When is the Onam Festival 2024?

Onam is Onam history, and Onam celebrations are full of fun, joy and colour. The traditional Onam attire is a sari or salwar kameez with matching headgear. People wear colourful ‘khatas’ or choli, while women wear colourful sari sets or salwar. Some even wear gold ornaments, bangles and ornaments around their neck on Onam.

Onam is celebrated in various parts of India. Onam celebrations in Kerala are colourful, vibrant and heavy. Onam festivals celebrate the entire month of Onam weddings, a must-attend event for every Hindu household. Onam is the most popular Hindu festival celebrated in March / April.

  • Year > 2024
  • Onam 2024 will begin on Tuesday, August 30
  • Onam 2024 will end on Thursday, September 8

Onam Festival Celebrations

Onam festivals also celebrate other Indian festivals, such as Diwali, Holi, Baisakhi, and many more. All these festivals are associated with a particular region or state in India. To celebrate Onam safely, people from that region or state decorate their houses and other public places with Onam decorations and hootchies (orange hues) to ward away the evil eye (boycott).

Since Onam celebrations have always been associated with violence, it has become essential to understand that Onam is a festival of good cheer and love. Onam celebrations have always been associated with a particular form of dance.

Even in ancient times, when the concept of Onam evolved, people performed Onam dances with their gods and goddesses. The leading Onam dance of the day is ‘Hum Dil Gri’ or ‘King’s Dance’;’; ‘ Rangoli’ is the most commonly performed Onam dance. However, even today, many other Onam dances can be seen in various Onam celebrations across the country and the world.

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