National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week 2023

Every profession in the world is honorable but there are some exceptional professions which are close to life. Notable among them are nurses. They provide services to patients risking their lives. So it is the moral duty of every human being to respect them. Following this, a week has been chosen internationally to honor nurses. Let’s learn about the history and programs of Nurses Week.

History of International Nurses Week

Nurses were once seen as doctors’ assistants or lower level workers. This low quality view hurts the reputation of nurses. But it is a noble profession which cannot be overestimated. Because to become a nurse, after completing four years of academic education, you have to provide the highest level of service to patients for free. It is not the case that nurses do the work only out of respect for the profession.

They consider it more precious than their own life. And if you didn’t think like that, it would never have been possible to work at the pain of others. So if you see the profession of nurse as a minor profession, you will definitely be wrong. Any positive-minded person is bound to respect nurses. Therefore Nurses Week is declared internationally to prove the negative view of people as positive.

When is International Nurses Week?

Nurses are committed to providing emergency care to any complex and difficult patient, from the battlefield. Therefore, to honor this great profession, 12th May 1974 was declared as World Nurses Day internationally. A few days after the announcement, the deadline was extended by one week. Since then, International Nurses Week is celebrated from May 12th to May 19th. And it was fully established in 1994.

World Nurses Week Program 

Since its inception, various nurses organizations have celebrated the day through week-long service programs. The American Nurses Association highlights the contributions of nurses to the world’s media throughout the week. How nurses work, their goals, and how much they love humanity is highlighted throughout the week.

Contribution of nurses

Basically, nurses in every country care for injured patients. Sebum can be explained in two ways, one of which is to fulfill the responsibility as much as it is due to professional reasons. The second reason is moral contribution. That is, when a nurse cares for the patient more lovingly than his family or his own life, it goes to a higher level from a religious point of view or from a professional position.

Happy International Nurses Day

Serving patients seems to be one of the most honorable and responsible tasks in the world. And this important work is done by the nurse. So you can wish nurses on 12th May as encouragement and gratitude for this great work. And they deserve it. On this global day, the activities and contributions

of nurses are highlighted internationally. From May 12th to May 19th, nurses have various programs. But how can I evaluate their great work? For this, from a generous heart, I can send online greetings for every nurse.


Kazi Nazrul Islam has said that half of the good deeds done by women are half done by men. Nurses are mostly women. However, men are also engaged in this work. Whoever is engaged in this noble profession should be congratulated from the bottom of the heart.






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