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Unity Day in India 2024: Happy Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Celebrations!

National Unity Day is a common symbol among the people in India. It is observed in October, with the calendar dedicated to the same theme every year. It is dedicated to celebrating the glorious history of the nation and its significant contributions to the world community. It is a day expressing love and affection for the motherland.

It is observed by millions of people worldwide, including the residents of the Indian Constitution Nation. It is a day when the people come together to observe the unity, diversity, pride, and freedom of a nation.

National Unity Day was first introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government of India in 2014. The day is to celebrate the glorious history of the nation and its significant contributions to the world community. This day is observed in October, with celebrations spread throughout the country. The National Unity Day celebration is marked by massive street demonstrations and civil disobedience.

National Unity Day 2024 Date

  • Year > 2024
  • Date > October 31
  • Weekday > Monday

National Unity Day 2024 Theme

Defense and Services Forces at the Service of the people in preserving social peace and National cohesion guarantee for an emerging Cameroon.”

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Happy Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Celebrations

On this National Unity Day, millions of people in India participate in celebrations, parades, processions, prayers, and songs. Thousands of trucks adorned with banners carrying patriotic symbols and messages are paraded through the cities and towns of India. The central government and the central state authorities distribute sweets to the people.

The entire government machinery is taken into confidence, and people are felicitated on this day. Several private schools, colleges, educational organizations, and other bodies organize National Unity Day classes and programs. National Unity Day celebrations aim to celebrate the nation’s glorious history and its vast contributions to humanity.

The foremost occasion of National Unity Day is a massive statue of Gandhi Vaishno Devi constructed at the top of the temple’s dome at Jain temple in Amritsar. After completion of the work, Gandhi’s statue was put in front of the temple to pay homage to the Hindu god.

India has been a votive nation of the Gita since ancient times, and this is the only goddess whom the Hindus worship as their goddess of wisdom and knowledge. This gigantic statue at the Jain Temple signifies that the nation is ready to sacrifice for unity and stands with equal strength to defeat all forces that would divide the nation.

national unity day celebrations

The Rashtriya Diwali is the most awaited festival in northern India, and the National Unity Day celebrations are organized throughout the nation. Sardar Vallabha established the day to unite and revitalize the people against the common enemy, the British.

This grand celebration of unity commemorates the British defeat in the Second World War. The Rashtriya Diwali is a grand festival of immense importance and goes for two weeks, which witnesses the participation of all sections of Indian society-sectarians, Maratha Mysoreis, Rajputs, Jews, Christians, Workers and Farmers, Leftists, National Art Gallery, and more.

The National Unity Day, celebrated every year on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Ambedkar, is also celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm throughout the country. The statue of Ambedkar is exhibited in several places and is admired by all those who wish to lay hands on it.

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