National Unfriend Day

National Unfriend Day 2022: History, Activities & More

With the great mercy of God today we are describing to you National Unfriend Day 2021. You know that social media is increasing day by day for this better service. Some friends troll me on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and other social media, I could never seat down. I could make unfriend those who troll or write in bad comments.

For the reasons of it, Unfriend day is observed on 17 November every year. The day is celebrated not only online but also in real life. Someone tries to get the love for one’s own but doesn’t think about another opinion. Love makes peace & beautiful for both opinions boy or girl.

When school or college students feel loved, they want more from each other. They may be more emotional for their less age. It is time to make an unfriend who doesn’t get & understand the importance that you want. Sometimes the day modifies to national ex day.

History of National Unfriend Day

There has a proverb- A friend in need, where a friend is dead. A friend never needs who doesn’t any work for me in social or real life. You better know that life couldn’t succeed without a friend who could sacrifice anything for the friend.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the more valuable social media where people share pictures and statuses. if someone sees & reads a bad picture and status, one’s mind could be changed. You have enough rights to unfriend who publishes bad pictures & status on any social media.

For the reason of it, we should make an unfriend. The history we decorated in following for instantly understanding.

  • Founder…………………Jimmy Kimmel
  • Established in…………2010
  • Est. Date………………..17 November
  • Est. Place……………….in a talk show

Activities of National Unfriend Day

Activities make successful an observing day like National Unfriend Day. It is time to clean your network from exceptional things. Some unfriending ideas are given below-

  1. Make Sure: You need to identify first to remove your friend. If you remove a real friend, he/she will get pain. To identify a real friend you could call them on a spot.
  2. Real-life meeting: You can call your friend & spend some time with them & identify the best friends among them.
  3. Unfriend them from social media: Separating good or bad friends you should remove a bad friend from any social media as well as offline.
  4. Remove but don’t misbehave: without any questions you remove your friend to unfriend, that your rights and wants.

Why We Love or celebrate National Unfriend Day?

Unneeded things always give us pain. We always try to keep ourselves neat & clean. You better know that two are friends but three are quarrels. While we leading our life someone inter into with us that no excepted.

Can you say, where the oldest clothes are put? unneeded, the clothes you have put in the garbage. Like that, 17 November is the date when you could remove your unneeded friend from your networks.

Nowadays, people keep themselves always busy and they have no extra time to do unneeded things, and the fall of life is short. What do you want to say? it’s no major question.

What you can do? It’s the major question. So time is short. We should remove not only bad friends but also unneeded friends.

Times of National Unfriend Day

Year Date Day
2020 November 17 Tuesday
2021 November 17 Wednesday
2022 November 17 Thursday
2023 November 17 Friday
2024 November 17 Sunday

In conclusion, National Unfriend Day is the perfect opportunity to clean out your social networks and unfriend anyone who doesn’t spark joy & cheer. Thank you for giving your valuable time & staying with us.

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