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National Text Your Ex Day 2024: New Text Ideas, Activities

Welcome! Love is the creativity of God. Love is a feeling that makes us brave, dependable & endeavor, but sometimes it breaks our fresh mind. Therefore, October 30 holds the day as National Text Your Ex Day every yearThe US people take the necessary steps to observe the day every year. Not only The USA but other countries also remember & observe the day.

By reading the content, you will find some new text ideas that apply to the previous boy/girlfriend. Breakup is a pain for everyone who faces the problem. Today, we provide information about the painful event and its celebrating ideas you need to know.

History of National Text Your Ex-Day

Technology makes an easy life for everyone. Whether you text or not, you must send at least one message to your ex-boy/girlfriend on the day. If we look at the previous time, people didn’t publish emotion to their ex. But nowadays, it is easy to text to ex.

We have constantly researched the history of national text your ex-day, and we have found the following key phrases that may be easy for you to understand better-

  • First time SMS on… December 3, 1992
  • First SMS by…………Engineer Neil Papworth
  • First SMS to………….Merry Christmas to the phone of Richard Jarvis

After publishing the law of divorce, everyone can text to ex

National Text Your Ex-Day Activities

A day is promoted by its activities. If you have an ex, you may attend the emotional day activities. On the day, you may follow the topics which are given below-

  • Meet together: You & your ex, as well as your friends, try to meet in a nice place. You may even discuss life & go back to the previous time and remember the historical period you lost. You can arrange a dinner party with your friends to make time for happy hour.
  • Table Discuss: You, your ex, and your friends can take time to discuss relationships & breakups. It makes you accessible.
  • Sing a song: You can sing a song with your ex and friends during the day. You can also arrange a dance party & take some wine(like-minded)

Some Text Ideas for National Text Your Ex Day

Some text ideas for national text your ex day included here that help to fresh your mind-

  • “Don’t forget me; I never forget you.”
  • “I’m remembering you because it was my first love. Be happy.”
  • “Life is short, but the memory lives on the earth.”
  • “I always pray for your happy life; I miss you.”
  • “We’re separate, but memory lives together.”
  • “I wish to be happy for you & your family.”

Why We Love the National Text Your Ex Day?

National Text Your Ex Day is an auspicious day for everyone who loved the ex. This is the day when we publish our emotions to the ex. We want to celebrate the day with fun, joy & suitable activities. Every year, we are waiting to return the day. A breakup may occur, but memory isn’t forgotten. We love the day & should be loved the day. Here are some reasons included for loving the day-

  • The day gives extensive texting to exes
  • The day helps human rights reserved
  • We can revise our past time
  • It’s time to promote our rights
  • This is the day of life event

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Romantic Messages to Spouse

Spouse is essential for every man. You might have known the names of Hazrat Adam (ASM) and Haoya (ASM), who were the first men & women on earth. We added some National Spouse Day messages to the wife. We are thinking about the critical day and better celebrate with husband & wife.

For this reason, our website provides you with some attractive and funny messages. So, let’s start the day by sending these wishes.

”Having you as a partner in my life is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me, and I am thankful to Almighty for it. Happy Spouses Day.”

”A spouse who understands and loves you like no one else is worth living for and dying for. Warm wishes to you on Spouses Day.”

”As we celebrate National Spouses Day, I pray to God to keep you happy because your happiness is the reason for all my joys. Happy National Spouses Day to you.”

”You are the only one in my life who understands me without words and loves me without conditions. Sending you lots of hugs on National Spouses Day.”

Time of National Text Your Ex-Day

Year Date Day
2020 October 30 Friday
2021 October 30 Saturday
2023 October 30 Sunday
2024 October 30 Monday

In conclusion, the national text, Your Ex Day, is one of the most significant events in human life. We should love & celebrate the day October 30 around the year. Thank you for staying with us.



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