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National Son and Daughter Day 2024- Date, History, Meaning, Activities & Celebrations

The third Monday of May is National Son and Daughter Day, or International Son and Daughter Day. This particular Day celebrates the beautiful little girls and their exceptional qualities. This Day is dedicated to promoting the special bond between mother and daughters. Many nations celebrate this Day with different customs and traditions.

In the United States, most people observe this special Day with family members and friends to be close during this special Day. This is time to spend more time with son and daughter. Some unique features must be added to Family Happy Day, such as Son and Daughter Day in 2024.

When is National Son and Daughter Day?

This particular Day was created in 1932 by Mrs. Anna Jarvis, who wanted people to show their appreciation for beautiful daughters. This specific Day became a tradition in the United States. On this Day, every year, the President of the USA speaks to people about why they should give their daughters the best gift. He then proclaims that whenever their daughters are ill or in the hospital, they must send her a flower to say she is in her beautiful hands.

  • Year > 2024
  • Date > 11 August
  • Weekday > Thursday

National Son and Daughter Day Meaning

So, what is National Son and Daughter Day? It is a historical designation that honours the beautiful qualities in daughters. It is a time to bring attention to their lives. It is a time to celebrate their uniqueness as women. It is a time to let children know how special their mothers are. When is National Son and Daughter Day 2021?

History of National Son and Daughter Day

Every year, on the very first Monday in May, the President of the USA makes a proclamation that reads: “Whereas in earlier times there were only Memorial Day and National Son and Daughter Day, It is at this moment proclaimed that the fitting of such titles as National Son and Daughter Day.

\It  shall be noted in the schedules of the various departments and agencies of the government, is at this moment authorized.” The proclamation is then read out loud by a federal officer. A National Day of Remembrance is then declared. All federal agencies are reminded again that their goal is to care for the people and honour their mothers.

National Son and Daughter Day Celebrations

The timing for celebrating National Son and Daughter Day is determined by when the girls turn around four years old. The actual date will not fall on any other day of the year. The official National Son and Daughter Day celebration will take place on the last Monday in August. The United States flag and the Blue Star Medal are not used to proclaim National Son and Daughter Day. All three medals are given to the children of the armed forces.

The blue star group is the US flag used during the entire National Day of Remembrance. But the Stars and Stripes, which are white, are also used. The colours used are blue for the dead soldiers and red for the living.

Since there are currently several controversies concerning the actual National Day of Remembrance schedule, the official ceremony may be relocated to another location. It is believed that it was moved to focus more on those who had given their lives fighting for the US flag, hence the name of the holiday.

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