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National Parents Day 2022- Celebrations in USA, India, Japan, Philippines & Mexico

National Parents Day, also referred to as Parent’s Day has been celebrated annually since the first day of the year in the United States in the nineteenth century. On this day, a special citation is made in the United States in honor of parents. This day is highly popular with the American Indian, who believe that their ancestors were the first humans to live upon the earth.

In addition, many other races across the world to observe this celebration on different days. Here are some of the notable dates that we celebrate National Parents Day around the world.

When is National Parents Day?

Dad is the best hero in the world. On the other hand, mother is the best resource in the world. Every year on 25th July, different countries of the world celebrate Mother’s Day to fill the best heroes and riches of that world with love and action.

  • Year > 2021
  • Date > July 25
  • Weekday > Sunday

Celebrations of National Parents Day in Japan

Japan On this day, the National Parents Day Celebration is celebrated with great gusto in Japan. The Japanese name for the event is “Ki-nishiji”, which roughly means “child-loving watchfulness”. On this day, parents from all over Japan gather at a place of worship to give gifts to parents and children alike.

Many gifts are handed out to happy parents, which usually include various household utensils and food items. In addition, children are given sweets and chocolates by their parents.

Celebrations of National Parents Day in Philippines

Philippines On this day, the National Parents Day Celebration is celebrated with great joy in the Philippines. The main celebration of the day is a walk down the aisle of the church or any building that houses a Church. Along with this, children are given gifts by parents and teachers, which could also be flowers, colorful balloons, or other trinkets.

Celebrations of National Parents Day in Mexico

Mexico On this very special day, parents in Mexico celebrate the National Parents Day with great pomp and show. The children are decked up like a little queen or king and presented with gifts such as clothes, jewelry, and other items that they would need to start a new life. These children are also adorned with beautiful crowns of thorns, so that they may serve as an example to other children.

The actual event lasts for several hours, during which time Mexican citizens are asked to offer a prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Aside from this, street parties or festivals are organized, as well as parades. Food is also served at these celebrations.

Celebrations of National Parents Day in United States

United States Of America On this very special day, the National Parents Day celebration is celebrated in every single state, as well as its respective capital. It is believed that children are the most important people in the world. It is thus important that their parents are happy and well-loved.

On this special day, parents go out of their way to give their children gifts such as a new bicycle or a pair of kids jeans, and they make sure that their children have something good to wear on their first day of school. Children are also encouraged to express their feelings through drawing or singing.

There is no particular story that highlights parents’ importance in their children’s lives more than National Parents Day. This special day gives children all the opportunity to express their love and happiness towards their parents. On this day, children can choose one project that they want to do for their parents. They can help their parents save the environment by planting trees and making their parents aware of the need to protect our planet. Or children can be the best alternative medicine practitioners by raising money for sick children.







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