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National Gorgeous Grandma Day 2024- Date, Facts, Traditions & Celebrations

National Gorgeous Grandma Day can be considered the most fitting name for the day, honouring older women and gaining much more popularity. It gives a special celebration to all the women in the family who know everything about the outdoors, love animals and have a healthy interest in social and environmental movements. The festival is celebrated with immense zeal and enthusiasm on the 3rd weekend of the summer month. This is also the time when all the states celebrate Mother’s Day.

There are many reasons why National Gorgeous Grandma Day has become a worldwide phenomenon. National Gorgeous Grandma Day was first introduced in 2024 when organizations like WRC and National Geographic launched it. The idea behind the celebration was to use the prevailing global economic crisis to highlight the importance of preserving the environment for future generations. Over the years, the popularity of the National Gorgeous Grandma Day celebration has gained much momentum. Even though the day is celebrated with much zeal worldwide, it remains a non-stop affair in the United States.

When is National Gorgeous Grandma Day?

There are several causes behind the ever-increasing popularity of National Gorgeous Grandma Day. The first cause for the increased popularity of this particular day is the fact that the day is celebrated every first Monday of July. This is a very convenient time for the younger generations to visit the National Parks, highlighting their interest in nature. They love watching the various activities being conducted in the National Parks. National Park is one of the most visited places by National Gorgeous Grandma Day attendees every July 23.

  • Year > 2024
  • Date > July 23
  • Weekday > Friday

National Gorgeous Grandma Day Facts

Another reason behind the ever-increasing popularity of National Gorgeous Grandma Day celebrations is that they are held on the anniversary of the first successful female astronaut, Sally Ride. The first flight of an American woman into space was launched on the same day as National Gorgeous Grandma Day. Many of the organizers of the celebrations feel that National Gorgeous Grandma Day deserves a significant place among the other holidays celebrated throughout the year.

They believe there is no better time than the first Monday of July to celebrate the milestone Sally Ride stepped over. In addition, National Gorgeous Grandma Day organizers think it is essential to celebrate the day with all the relevant people and organizations.

National Gorgeous Grandma Day Celebrations

It is believed that local, state, and federal government agencies and independent organizations will conduct National Gorgeous Grandma Day celebrations today. This aims to highlight the importance of preserving the environment for future generations. The younger generation is interested in environmental issues, which is one reason for the increased participation of young grandparents in these activities. These days, many community organizations are also involved in the process of celebrating National Gorgeous Grandma Day.

One of the most common reasons for the celebration of National Gorgeous Grandma Day happens to be that the elderly members of the community feel threatened by the fact that they cannot enter the national parks. To prevent this, the federal and state governments should ensure that older adults receive various safety measures on National Gorgeous Grandma Day. These include securing their cars with new seat belts. This act has also helped in reducing the ratio of vehicular accidents and fatalities among older people.

Some of the elderly residents even live at home and do not venture out much, so the government ensures that various safety measures like alerts, radios, and strobe lights are used to make them aware of anything that might pose a threat to their safety. Most of the National Gorgeous Grandma Day celebrations happen at the park, where visitors can participate in various activities such as riding rides, picnics, gardening, and interacting with the general public.

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