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National Friendship Day 2024 USA- Date, History, Activities, Observances & More

National Friendship Day is observed on the second Sunday of August. It celebrates those who have close to heart and displays how significant friendship is in human life. It’s also a day to demonstrate support for the less lucky people who need much support. As a nation, we have come so far as to have such different countries and ethnic groups celebrate these special days together.

The history of National Friendship Day can be traced back to the very first celebration of 1876 when President Ulysses S. Grant proclaimed the United States of America a loyal friend to all humanity.

When is National Friendship Day?

National Friendship Day is observed on the second Sunday of August. Friendship Day is among the most critical events in the USA, Canada, France, the UK, and India. The Day is observed with more activities for loving friends. Everyone waits for the auspicious Day like-

  • Year > 2024
  • Date > August 1
  • Weekday > Sunday

National Friendship Day Celebrations

There are many reasons why we celebrate this Day with such enthusiasm today. One of the most notable reasons is that we love our friends. Whether they’re from another country or just down the block, we spend the Day showing how much we value our friends. National Friendship Day also tells our children that we consider them and their friends to be our family and closest advisers.

History of National Friendship Day

The United States has started celebrating National Friendship Day on the fourth Thursday of August every year. President George Washington’s inauguration marked the first occasion of National Friendship Day. He signed a patriotic address declaring his appreciation for all the people from every nation who had helped make America a greater nation. After reading his speech, his cabinet picked up where he left off and selected fifty gifts from various countries to be presented to the United States government.

Since then, the United States has officially celebrated National Friendship Day every August. This time, the addresses and messages of appreciation and support for fellow citizens have been put into writing using pen and ink. The gift list contains notable individuals from every walk of life – from military to sports heroes, politicians to business tycoons, teachers to first ladies. It also features celebrated histories and achievements of some very unsung heroes of the United States.

 National Friendship Day Activities

National Friendship Day is treated as a special event by the media, schools, colleges and most of the public every year. Greeting cards are sent to the friends and families who missed the traditional picnic in the town square. Many television shows, such as The Late Show with David Letterman, dedicate one or two episodes to celebrating National Friendship Day. Most Americans take the time to gather together outside the home and send out greeting cards to all of their friends.

Some residents of the United States have made National Friendship Day even more critical by starting a list of traditions considered American-based. Those traditions include baseball’s All-Star Game, the First Annualools Tournament, and the Jack Nicklaus Signature Tour. The list continues to grow each year as more Americans join in the celebration of National Friendship Day with their friends. In many parts of the United States, this annual holiday is considered more important than Christmas.

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