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National French Fry Day 2024- In USA, France & Belgium

National French Fry Day is observed only on July 13th each year. What is National French Fry Day all about? It is the day when Americans discover French fries for the first time! On what day is National French Fry Day observed?

National French Fry Day celebrates the fantastic combination of flavoursome French fries and American potato chips. French fries, also called Belgian chips in the U.K. and Germany, are deep-fried white potato slices found at all fast food, hamburger and sandwich establishments. Occasionally, potatoes are made from sweet potatoes instead as a healthier option. Today, even more health-conscious alternatives like Artisan or Diamond Light potato chips exist.

When Is National French Fry Day?

The National French Fry Day date is July 13th, which means National French Fry Day is celebrated on July 13th across the country. Many people keep this delicious treat on their food list on this day.

The day when America’s love affair with French fries blossoms is happy! Many bakeries, hotels and restaurants offer special deals to celebrate the big day. Many people plan to make homemade fries for their guests or buy them in bulk to be given away as gifts. There are National French Fry Day festivals held regularly throughout the United States.

  • Year > 2024
  • Date > 13th July
  • Weekday > Tuesday

When is National French Fry Day in Belgium?

Today’s critical tradition is that children wash and serve vegetables to their parents or grandparents. Since potatoes have become a vital part of the Belgian diet, children here ensure they don’t miss out on this national French fry day! Besides washing and cooking the vegetables, children decorate them by painting their faces with yellow icing or decorating them with pompoms.

When is National French Fry Day in the U.S.?

It falls on the first Sunday of May every year. This particular day is celebrated in America and many other countries worldwide. The U.S.A., of course, has its version of National French Fry Day, where people all over the country prepare routines and hamburger buns to go. In other countries, the demand for fried potatoes is much greater, so the demand for National French Fry Day is much higher.

Where can I get free fries? You can find routine at any decent Canadian or American restaurant. Some chains offer free fries or discounts on other entrees if you order them on their internet site during National French Fry Day. Others may have special deals going on, so look around!

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