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Mysore Dasara 2024: Date, History, Traditions, Facts & Celebrations

Karnataka’s famous Mysore Dasara Celebrations is on full tilt. It is also popularly known as Jamboo Savari or Mysore Dasara for its largest elephant procession, which takes the airport to the railway station. Dressed in their finest attire, the participants of the Mysore Dasara celebration dance and clap for an hour till the train arrives at the station.

History of Mysore Dasara

This day has been celebrated since 1989 when the Karnataka state government decided to felicitate the local elephant population. The reason behind this decision was the depletion of the species. The best way to increase the number of elephants in the forests of Karnataka was to create awareness among the people about their importance. Mysore Dasara’s history, which started with the Vijayanagar rulers as early as the 15th century, continues and is yet to witness its end.

The importance of Mysore Dasara as a national park lies in the fact that it provides shelter to numerous wildlife species. These include jungle fowl, elephants, deer, monkeys, buffaloes, birds, etc. Some animals have also been reported to have appeared in human form.

However, despite all these, there are no recorded instances of any animal turning into a person! The fact that the park is located just 200 km from Bangalore and that it is the only one of its kind in India makes it all the more special.

Mysore Dasara Date 2024

Mysore Dasara is best celebrated in its dry summers. It is one of the driest places in India. There is a long list of activities which can be enjoyed during summer. People often visit Mysore Dasara during summer to enjoy the sizzling and thrilling atmosphere. Mysore celebrations go on for a couple of days each year. These celebrations provide for a great deal of fun.

  • Year > 2024
  • Date > October 7
  • Weekday > Thursday

Mysore Dasara Celebrations in India

Mysore Dasara is located about 160 kilometres from Bangalore. It has become very popular with the people of Bangalore since they get the opportunity to enjoy some of the most exotic places in the country.

The other major attractions include a temple dedicated to Lord Narayan. In this open-air museum, one can see different kinds of animals and their habitat, a wildlife sanctuary where various animals and birds are found, and Mysore Lake, surrounded by the hills of Mysore. All these attractions have made Mysore a tourist destination of choice.

Many people visit this place in a single day to capture the essence of the exotic and wonderful place in the country.

While on a vacation in Mysore, one can also visit the Kalyani Nagar, the Shankaracharya Temple, the Jain Temple and the Parambikulam, some of the region’s important landmarks. The area also has some of the finest hotels and the best restaurants in the city, providing visitors with a delightful stay. Many people spend their vacations in Mysore Dasara to get a chance to catch a glimpse of the local people and their culture.

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