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National Mother-in-Law Day 2024: Why Mother-in-Law Day Celebration is Important?

Every year, on the fourth Sunday in October, we celebrate National Mother-in-Law Day. Many have celebrated this day throughout the years, but today, it is celebrated even more for mothers’ vital role in nurturing and raising children. As most people know and understand, wives play a crucial role in the family. Due to her many efforts, a typical family is kept happy, and a stable environment is created to grow a child into a successful adult.

Hence, there has been an extended designated date in honour of mothers-in-laws worldwide, which has become a worldwide symbol of National Mother-in-Law Day.

When is National Mother-in-Law Day 2024?

A mother-in-law is the mother of a person’s spouse. Two women who are mothers-in-law to each other’s children may be called co-mothers-in-law. Mother-In-Law Day is celebrated on October 24, 2024. It is celebrated each year on the fourth Sunday in October.

  • Year > 2024
  • Date > October 24
  • Weekday > Sunday

Why Mother-in-Law Day Celebration is Important?

The National Mother-in-Law Day Celebration is scheduled annually during the second week of October to raise awareness about women’s importance in their husbands’ and children’s lives. It is also an opportunity for other women to network with other women who support women and have contributed to making the world a better place. In recent years, various organizations have made it a point to celebrate National Mother-in-Law Day worldwide on the same day.

Mother-in-Law is called the second mother. Mother and Mother-in-Law are both the leading properties in the world. It has the most opportunities to teach us about the importance of a Mother or Mother-in-Law in life. So. Mother’s Day and Mother-in-Law Day are both essential to celebrate.

The primary goal of hosting such a celebration is to allow women to give tribute to their mothers-in-law. The reason for celebrating the day is to recognize women’s many significant contributions in raising their children and providing the stability their children need. Most of the time, women spend more time with their children than their husbands, and the day can also be an excellent time for them to bond with each other. By recognizing these influential women, the organizers of National Mother-in-Law Day hope to raise awareness about their rights and the duties they have to their children raising their children.

Mother-in-Law Day

Mother-in-Law Day Observance

The celebration can be hosted by local Mothers-In-Law chapters or by organizations representing women in the legal profession. In Canada, the Maternity Rights National Network and the Maternity Rights Association of Ontario jointly hold the first annual Mother-In-Law Day Festival in Toronto. This festival includes a parade, a luncheon, and a special musical presentation. The second yearly Maternity Rights National Month celebration is held in June. The National Mother-In-Law Day Celebration is celebrated the first weekend in October.

The United States Department of Labor officially recognizes National Mother-In-Law Day. The celebratory occasion is also celebrated in Canada. In Canada, the national day is known as Aroorithomy. The names of the organizations holding the event in each country are the same; the only difference is the name of the month that is celebrated. The names of the days associated with each celebration are also similar.

National Mother-In-Law Day is observed on the 2nd weekend in October. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the world. Parades, workshops, lectures, and presentations are organized in most communities.

For example, the National Mother-In-Law Day Program held in Toronto, Ontario, features speakers such as Mrs Hawara Whitlock, President of the Maternity Rights National Network; Mrs Joanne Sinclair Whitlock, member of Canadian Family Association; Mrs Dawn Shanks, volunteer with Canadian Breast Cancer Action Society; Dr Elisabeth Kuby, a Canadian member of House of Commons; and Prof. Yves Carrier, author of “What’s the Use”.

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