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Mexican Independence Day 2024- Date, History, Traditions & Facts

When is Mexican Independence Day? This spectacular public holiday is Mexico’s national day, celebrated annually on September 16. Also referred to as ‘Dale de Independencia’, it commemorates the Mexican War of Independence anniversary against Spain on September 15, 1812. Mexican Independence Day is a highly anticipated event for Mexican-American sympathizers worldwide.

Mexican Independence Day celebrations are celebrated all over Mexico with parades, fireworks and other fireworks-related activities. There are also many Mexican Independence Day Parade floats in Mexico City during the early morning hours, which are decorated with Mexican flags, Mexican stars and stripes, Mexican banners and nationalistic symbols.

Many people visit Mexico City for this special occasion and stay in hotels which house Mexican Independence Day celebration programs and have Mexican breakfast served to them. In many Mexican neighbourhoods like San Miguel, Tijuana and others, there are clubs, bars and restaurants where people sit and listen to live music. And, of course, Mexican Independence Day celebrations are highly supported by the Mexican government, which provides a good display of military hardware, Mexican soldiers on duty, and plenty of Mexican food and drink.

When is Mexican Independence Day?

Throughout September 16, Mexican Independence Day is celebrated in several Mexican towns and cities, with large parades and Mexican American families participating. The celebration includes Mexican Americans from all over the nation, thousands of local Mexican immigrants, and Mexican nationals.

As Mexican Independence Day approaches, the parade begins and is marred by violence as Mexican-Americans take part in street brawls. It’s one of the most colourful events of Mexican Independence Day and is marked by millions of brightly coloured banners that proclaim Mexican Independence Day.

  • Year > 2024
  • Date > 16th September
  • Weekday > Thursday

Mexican Independence Day 2024

The origin of Mexican Independence Day began with the Mexican Independence Day celebration when citizens of Mexico City held a massive celebration in support of their new nation. As this event grew, it caught on and eventually became a significant international event.

One of the most prominent figures at the time was Ignacio Zaragoza Garceno. He was a Mexican poet born in Mexico but later became a Mexican citizen and fought as a Mexican soldier during the Mexican Independence War.

Today, there are many Mexican Americans who celebrate Mexican Independence Day every year in a variety of ways. Some go to major cities such as Mexico City or New York to participate in Mexican Independence Day celebrations. Others have a more relaxed view of Mexican Independence Day with Mexican music, Mexican food, Mexican faces, and Mexican posters. Still, others celebrate this important historical event by gathering for Mexican Food or having Mexican posters and pictures to place around their homes and businesses.

Whatever way you want to observe Mexican Independence Day, you can be sure you will have a great time doing it. There are so many Mexican Independence Day traditions to keep up with and so many Mexican food and Mexican faces and posters to spot along the parade route. It is easy to get completely lost in all the excitement. Indeed, I hope you enjoy Mexican Independence Day as much as I do.

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