Myrter's day in Azerbaijan

Martyrs’ Day in Azerbaijan- 20 January 2024

Martyrs’ Day is a remembrance day for every Azerbaijani people. People are searching for Martyrs’ Day in Azerbaijan- 20 January 2024. The day holds on 20 January every year. It is a national holiday in Azerbaijan and educational institutes are closed by the Government.

Martyrs’ Day is one of the most important events in Azerbaijan. It is the day when people celebrate with sorrowful minds and get rid of martyrs who sacrificed their lives in order to get freedom from the Soviet Union. Though it is a pandemic, the Govt. and Non- Govt. Organizations already have taken the necessary steps to observe the day like the previous year similarly.

History of Martyrs’ Day in Azerbaijan

Facing many problems Azerbaijan was separated from America. The Azerbaijani people have celebrated the remembering event since 2006.On 19-20 January 1990, the Red Army entered Baku and shot dead over 130 civilians in Azerbaijan when. the Azerbaijani people weren’t ready for fighting against the Military of America.

In 1991, an election was held between Azerbaijan and America. At last, Azerbaijan won by the decision of the Soviet Union. On 18 October 1991, the Azerbaijan parliament restored the country’s independence and declared to observe Myrter’s Day on 20 January as the Black January. As in the war, more than 133 civilians died, up to 800 people were injured as well as 5 people missing, the day is remembered by the Azerbaijani people with the most sorrow nationwide.

Activities of Martyrs’ Day in Azerbaijan

Though the is a public holiday, it is observed in Azerbaijan with more activities to respect the masters. Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazine’s and most importantly online Media takes necessary steps to observe Black January. We have included some activities which are followed by the Azerbaijani People.


  1. Respect Myrter’s by decorating a bundle of flowers
  2. Prayer for Myrtus
  3. Schools, Colleges, and Govt. Offices celebrate the day taking a black base.
  4. Attend any Myrters remembering conference.
  5. Hear & see many programs on any device about the Myrter’s Day

Why Martyrs’ Day in Azerbaijan is Important?

Every day is important but someday is more important for a country. Azerbaijan has also an important day as Martyrs’ Day. Can you say why the day is important? Some of the Azerbaijani people sacrificed their lives to get independence from America. It is the main reason for remembering the Martyrs’ Day in Azerbaijan.

As Martyrs’ Day plays an important role in the country, the day is so remembered as other national days. It is time to observe the day with sorrow mind as well as remind in broadly people.

Times of Martyrs’ Day in Azerbaijan

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2015 Tue 20 Jan Martyrs’ Day Public holiday
2016 Wed 20 Jan Martyrs’ Day Public holiday
2017 Fri 20 Jan Martyrs’ Day Public holiday
2018 Sat 20 Jan Martyrs’ Day Public holiday
2018 Mon 22 Jan Martyrs’ Day observed Public holiday
2019 Sun 20 Jan Martyrs’ Day Public holiday
2019 Mon 21 Jan Martyrs’ Day observed Public holiday
2020 Mon 20 Jan Martyrs’ Day Public holiday
2021 Wed 20 Jan Martyrs’ Day Public holiday

Finally, Myrters day is one of the best events around the world. Dear, if you find any wrong info on the site at , please inform us, we update these as soon as possible. Thanks.






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