International Kissing Day 2023- Date, History, Facts, Activities & Ideas

International Kissing Day is a day set apart to celebrate the joyous practice of kissing and the cultural variations across cultures. International Kissing Day is a time when lovers from all corners of the world can take part in this exciting event. Kissing has been one of the most important social forms in all human societies; whether in the East or the West, kissing has always been a symbol of affection.

International Kissing Day Date

International Kissing Day is celebrated on the 7th day of May every year. International Kissing Day is not just about French kissing, though the day is mostly centered around this special practice. It is also an occasion to bring lovers close together in order to share warm, loving gestures, such as pucker-eyed kissing, soft smooch, and even petting and hugging.

The entire purpose behind it is to bring lovers close together, as well as to let people know that it is not just about physical attraction, but also about human connection. The day also commemorates the beginning of world war II, when America and the United Kingdom signed the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with Japan.

National Kissing Day is celebrated every year on July 6 that different from International Kissing Day celebrated every year on July 6. This year, 2021 International Kissing Day was held on July 6, Tuesday.

Why We celebrate International Kissing Day?

Although International Kissing Day is observed in different countries, it typically celebrates the kiss between two people of the same gender. However, there are no clear records to confirm the first date of International Kissing Day. There is no indication as to why exactly the practice of kissing took off over time or why it became known as International Kissing Day. However, experts do point out several possible causes for International Kissing Day.


History of International Kissing Day

Some believe International Kissing Day was started because of the desire of both lovers to experience the sensual feeling of kissing. They believed this was a direct result of the rise in social formality associated with weddings and other types of official celebrations. In line with this theory, during the early days of International Kissing Day, the people who participated were either nobility, dignitaries and members of royalty.

Today, International Kissing Day is commonly celebrated by couples from different countries who wish to share the wonderful experience of kissing, without having to spend a lot of money.


International Kissing Day Facts

One of the most important arguments in favor of International Kissing Day is that people should be encouraged to practice kissing. By giving people the chance to express themselves and to have fun, kissing can be more genuine and healthy. Kissing involves the mouth, the nose, the chin, the eyes and the tips of the fingers.

By practicing kissing skills with the use of these different parts of the body, participants are sure to kiss correctly without causing discomfort or pain. International Kissing Day can help promote healthier sexual relationships because it encourages people to kiss and feel more comfortable around others.

For International Kissing Day, many organizations have come up with various ways on how to celebrate kissing. The organizers of International Kissing Day encourage participants to use their hands when kissing. Some of these games include “spreads” where participants simulate licking and sucking on the other person’s cheeks, lips and other soft body parts.

Others include “tears” where participants run their tongues along the other person’s cheeks and lips, “guzzles” which are very stimulating for the eyes, “rinses” where participants wet their lips with juice and spit and “sours” which can be really exciting for the mouth.







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