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International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development 2024

International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development-2024 info and observance are available here. The United Nations takes necessary steps to observe the day globally on 5 December every year. Though it is a pandemic, most countries worldwide have already taken co-curricular activities to keep the day with many volunteers who develop sustainable development goals (SDG).

The United Nations proclaimed the date for social & economic development. It is time to develop not only in the economy but also in society. Every volunteer taking the necessary steps can change the face of society. One can earn the UN prize among volunteers who are central to making a society.

The day is observed locally, nationally & internationally in more than 80 countries. Someone has some questions about how to volunteer and what their work is. Thanks, it ideally depends on one’s mind. To be a volunteer, you need a fresh mind or heart. Better mind, better volunteer. A volunteer serves people without taking a little revenue.

Every society always wants to make a perfect volunteer from any country. They can change education, the economy & technology in society.


As 5 December is the International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development, governments, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals contribute to the day with various activities every year.

You know that the UN General Assembly declared 2024 as International Volunteers year. A vast number of volunteers died due to COVID-19. Respecting them, you need to know details about the activities. We included some activities that are helping to promote the day & make the day glorious for the sacrificing volunteers who have served people in any sector.

  • Voluntary community projects.
  • Parades, marches, or rallies.
  • Award ceremonies for volunteers who made significant contributions to their communities.
  • “Time donation” campaigns involve people pledging voluntary service hours to specific projects.
  • Companies launch voluntary programs as part of their corporate responsibility.
  • Volunteer competitions.

Unity is strength. Volunteer unity helps promote the day and make the best society. It is time to get your rights with your activity.

The Theme for International Volunteers Day- 2024

The UN has published the Theme of 2020 for International Volunteers Day.

The Theme of 2020 is- “Together We Can Through Volunteering.”

We love volunteers. Therefore, we love International Volunteers Day. It is time to love the volunteers who sacrificed & want to sacrifice their lives. International Volunteers Day is one of the most essential observing days in the world.

Times of International Volunteers Day for Economic and Social Development

Year Weekday Date Name Observances Type
2020 Sat 5 December International Volunteer Day United Nations observance
2024 Sun 5 December International Volunteer Day United Nations observance
2024 Mon 5 December International Volunteer Day United Nations observance
2023 Tue 5 December International Volunteer Day United Nations observance

In conclusion, volunteers are the main machine that makes society better. So we should love International Volunteers Day. Though it is not a public holiday, it is observed worldwide.

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