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International Infinity Day 2022: Website, Meaning, Date, Significant & Observances

Welcome to 221th International Infinity Day of 2022.The second of the four holidays commemorating International Thanksgiving, the annual celebration of “Thanksgiving Day” in the United States, is on this very day! It is also known as the “Thanksgiving Day,” “Thanksgiving,” “Lincoln Day,” or “Lincoln Green.” Millions of Americans take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to join with friends and family in celebrating the holiday. Here is a look at this internationally beloved holiday.

On the evening of Thursday, August 8th, we will celebrate the second week of the twenty-first century. Since the first day of the year marks the triumph of civilization over primitive savagery, the twenty-first week has always been a time for reflection and thanksgiving.

Many of us have gathered in our communities and town squares to observe the growth and well-being of our communities. Throughout the nation, parks, playgrounds, museums, community gardens, and other special places are being opened to celebrate this most joyous event of the year. It is a period of time when families gather to give thanks and to revel in the bounty of their lives.

When is International Infinity Day 2022?

For the past two centuries, the universal & international infinity day has been celebrated every year. On this day, every American is encouraged to visit their local National Parks, to help raise money for their favorite charities, and to educate their children about the importance of preserving the earth.

By the way, if you happen to know an “ordinary person,” it may be advisable for them to visit their local national park to volunteer or to purchase one of their own t-shirts. It is the duty of every American citizen to make the world a better place. I sincerely wish you well on your quest.

  • Year > 2022
  • Date > 8th August
  • Weekday > Monday 

International Infinity Day Meaning

International Infinity Day, also known as Infinity Day, first came to light in 1987 by sidewalk New Yorkbphilosopher Jean-Pierre Ady  Fenyo. … Jean-Pierre’s goal to celebrate life through free-thinking by promoting art, philosophy, and science quickly spread rapidly across the globe.

History of International Infinity Day

One man, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, named Jean Pierre Eyebel, came up with the original idea of creating the universal & international infinity day. He felt that if children could see themselves living under the same star-filled sky as their favorite celebrities, then they would truly want to do something to help.

Therefore, he began assembling a list of names and designing the shirts for them. He hoped that some day, these shirts would reach the hands of millions of children, thus helping them create peace, love and harmony within their own little world.

One day, he was feeling very sad because he realized that his list was longer than he needed it to be. He decided to go to church, which happened to be on his list of special occasions. When he arrived, however, nobody there had any T-shirts.

He was informed that many people did not want to wear them because it was easy to recognize them on the street – which was the reason why there were no “Happy Birthday” signs or banners hanging from the trees. The reason why most ordinary people did not want to participate in wearing these T-shirts was due to their lack of money.

International Infinity Day Significant

That was when Jean-Pierre Eyebel decided to take his masterpiece to the next level, and that next level was to take it to the streets, where it would indeed be appreciated. The universal and international infinity day was indeed born.

That’s when Jean-Pierre Eyebel began the process of designing the shirts with the help of many architects and artists; however, he did not stop there. He wanted the design to reach the children of the world and make them aware that the infinity of the universe is indeed limitless and will never be exhausted, which is exactly what the “Happy Birthday” signs are all about.







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