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Indian Independence Day 2022: Happy Birthday Celebrations of India!

Welcome to Golden Jubilee year in 2022 of Indian 76th Independence Day. It is celebrated on the occasion of August 15th every year. It is also called as “I-day” or “National Day of India”. This public holiday marks the day when India achieved independence from British rule. On this day, alcohol is banned in Indian states, celebrations are extremely lively and people give more importance to family and friends.

On this day, all across the country, monuments, banners, etc., are raised and people celebrate it with immense joy and happiness. On the Indian Independence Day, Indian government declared “1947 – Indian Independence Day” on the date of Indian Independence.

The declaration of Indian Independence Day was made on the Indian Independence Day on the seventeenth day of the Indian Independence (ushi) on the presence of Maharaja Jai Singh, who was the first prince of Indian Independence.

Indian Independence Day Date

According to historians, on this day, Indian freedom fighters and their mothers laid down the foundation of the Independent India. Some of the independence fighters like Mahatma Gandhi and Tilak Gandhi took part in struggles for Indian Independence Day. According to history, on this day, the partition of India happened when the British ruled India from across the world.

Indian Independence Day has become one of the world’s greatest national holidays, with many celebrations in India and abroad. Indian Independence Day is celebrated with immense joy by the people of various states of India, especially the state of Kashmir on 15th August every year.

  • Year > 2022
  • Date > August 15
  • Weekday > Monday

 Indian Independence Day Activities 2022

On Indian Independence Day, the British rulers of India handed over the reins of power to the Indian National Congress, which was formed by Indian Independence fighters and their mothers. The Indian Independence Day celebrations in India to mark the day when the Provisional Government of India gave over power to the constituent assembly of the country. This was a result of the Indian Freedom movement which had erupted in the Indian Independence Day.

The constituent assembly, which is elected by the people of the country, deliberated over the formation of a new constitution for a new constitution of the country, and chose the name “Indian National Flag” for it. The flag today is hoisted at all important public places such as the residence of the prime minister, the residence of the president, various ministries, and the Indian parliament, as well as various international organizations headquarters. Indian Independence Day celebrations are also organized throughout the world as a symbol of the birth of the independent country of India and its freedom movement.

Indian Independence Day became famous worldwide on account of the spirit of sacrifice and resistance shown by the people of India towards the British rule. Indian Independence Day is observed on the twenty fourth day of August. On this day, people of all ages and castes celebrate Indian Independence Day with great enthusiasm.

The Indian Independence Day celebrations to mark the beginning of the freedom movement in the country, which was led by freedom fighters like Gandhi and her comrades. Indian Independence Day marks the beginning of the century-old battle between the British and Indian people who want to retain their freedom.







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