National Day of Pakistan 2020, Independent feelings & observes

National Day of Pakistan 2022- Independent feelings & observes

Assalamu Alikum. Welcome to our trusted site as Dear, are you searching to know the Independence Day of Pakistan? Don’t think. Today we are providing to describe to you The birthday of Pakistan. Here, you may know a hundred percent accurate information, celebrating systems, significances, history, cultures, pandemic period observes feelings  & timing details about the National Day of Pakistan. You know that Pakistan is one of the most populous(Muslim) countries in the world. It has its own independence & power like a developing country.

You better know that Pakistan earned this independence on 14 August 1947 from India. On this day Pakistani people are celebrated by a variety of steps with a cheerful mind as a birthday. So why a country’s birthday is the most important topics to observe for Pakistani people. For that just read the content gradually.

Pakistan Independence Day History

Every birth has its own story. By depending on this sentence we say that Pakistan stands on the Earth for its birthday. Facing much critical war Pakistan has earned its nationality. Not only Pakistan but also all the countries of the Earth need to obtain their own land to live at large with happiness.

With the best resource  Of Pakistan Independence Day history, we have found the following sentences which are led by many people who sacrificed their lives for independence-

  • You know that Pakistan (Weast Pakistan+ East Pakistan ) & India both were the Indian Subcontinent. The subcontinent was broken into two pieces India & Pakistan in 1947. So Independence Day of Pakistan is 14th August, which that held in 1947. On the other hand, the Independence day of India is the next day as 15th August, which that held in 1947. You better know that 15th August is also the Independence day of India.
  •  After the 2nd World War Mohammad Ali Jinnah & Lord Mountbatten planed to establish Pakistan from British rule. Both of those the real hero of Pakistan & for that nowadays Pakistan is an independent country.

Pakistan Independence Day Celebration 

Pakistani people have been celebrating their independence day with a fresh mind. The day is celebrated to remember the birthday of Pakistan. In the morning on 14 August, At first Pakistani Flag is flown in the sky. People wear a new dress with relative independence. By showing its obsessiveness we found some ideas –

  • Competitive game
  • Public Holiday
  • Pray to God in Mosquito
  • Eating varieties of items of food
  • Cheer with boy/girlfriend etc.

Pakistan Independence Day Dates

14 August is the Independence Day of Pakistan. Crossing many problems Pakistan has earned its beautiful Flag. This is a fixed time to celebrate for the nation. In this year 2022, the day is celebrated in a different way for the COVID-19 ( COrona Virus Disease ). You can see the 2022 independence day at a glance & pray for recovering the pandemic to God for celebrating without any pandemic in order to make a happy birthday next year.

Holiday Name Year Date Week Day Country
Independence Day 2020 14th August Friday Pakistan
Independence Day 2021 14th August Pakistan
Independence Day 2022 14th August Pakistan
Independence Day 2023 14th August Pakistan

In Conclusion, Facing many problems Pakistani people earned their independence. Every year 14 August is celebrated as the Independence Day of Pakistan. In this year, 2022 is celebrated in different steps.






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