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Hungarian Republic Day 2024- Date, History, Significance, Celebrations & Facts

On this extraordinary day of the year, Hungarian people observe their national holiday by celebrating two critical historical events. First, on this date, the Republic of Hungary was officially created after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The creation of this new country resulted from the decisions made by the Hungarian people when they elected a majority government based on a socialist platform.

History of Hungarian Republic Day

The Hungarian people elected their first president – the famous communist Vaclav Havel – who governed the country for over five years. During his term as President of Hungary, Havel uncovers facts about his country’s most shameful and bloody past. All these happenings and developments are well chronicled in the award-winning movie “The Rise Of The Hungarian Nation,” which is presently being shown on major television channels worldwide.

Secondly, on the very day it was established, the Hungarian people elected a caretaker government for the first time in over half a century. This was a direct result of free elections conducted by the people of Hungary in an open and accessible vote. The new government comprises a left party, a center party, and a conservative party. The Hungarian people are proud of their tremendous and fair-mindedness in electing such a diverse government that represents all Hungarian citizens regardless of their background, sex, or religion. This is how the Hungarian Republic Day is celebrated in Budapest.

Hungarian Republic Day date

The exciting part about the Hungarian Republic Day celebration in Budapest is that it precedes Hungary’s Sovietization. The reason behind this is that, back in the 1950s, the Hungarian communist government tried to implement a Sovietization policy under the direction of the fiery Guelligo. Still, this attempt was met with massive resistance and violence from the Hungarian people.

For several weeks, the people of Budapest were preparing themselves for a massive and spontaneous revolution against the Soviet government. Eventually, the resistance was strong enough to facilitate the Sovietization policy. Today, on the eve of the Hungarian Republic Day, the streets of Budapest are filled with signs welcoming citizens to participate in the celebrations. October 23 is the Hungarian Republic Day.

  • Year > 2024
  • Date > October 23
  • Weekday > Saturday

Hungarian Republic Day Celebrations

The main highlight of the Hungarian Republic Day in Budapest is the Sovietization of Budapest. On this day, all shops in Budapest display signs with the text “Commerce on the Anniversary of Liberation.” Additionally, the government of Hungary celebrates its freedom, independence, and territorial integrity with the celebration of its Sovietization. Interestingly enough, even though the text on these signs clearly says “commerce on the anniversary of liberation,” there are also numerous businesses that are displaying signs with the words “hire merchants,” “sale traders,” and “commerce area.” It can be pretty easy to understand why many people have the wrong impression about this topic, so let me clarify it right away: on the Hungarian Republic Day, Hungarian business people do not engage in commerce; they only participate in festivals and events.

As the celebrations in Budapest move on, the streets are filled with people walking around with shopping bags or shopping carts. The price of everything in Budapest increases throughout the day of celebrations – particularly for the products imported from other countries (for example, German beer or French perfume).

As tourism develops in Budapest, so do the local businesses, whose revenues increased exponentially during Sovietization. There is no doubt that the transition period was difficult for Hungarians, but I believe we should be happy that the doors of opportunity have now been opened wide for us. Furthermore, it is also important to note that the number of Hungarians choosing to live in foreign lands (most of them are traveling Germans or Greeks) has drastically increased over the past few years.

Now that we are finally through October, it’s time to look at some of the most popular events that will take place in Budapest during the Soviet Union anniversary. A trip to the Night Bazaar is a must-do, with its fantastic selection of original jewelry, crystal jewelry, and traditional costumes. The shopping experience is not limited to jewelry. However, numerous small shops sell various goods to everyone, including antiques, literature, books, and toys.

It is advisable to stay in one of the central areas of Budapest during the Soviet Republic Day, as you will be able to avoid the crowds. The Christmas tree in Budapest is also decorated for the festival, and there is a lot of excitement around this time of year.

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