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Happy Pohela Boishakh 2024 Animated Gifs: RealTradition of Bangla New Year 1428

Happy  Bangla New Year, 1428, and congratulations to all. Today, we will present some information and an animated gift about the first day of Bangladesh’s traditional and famous Bengali New Year, i.e. Pohela Boishakh. This post will benefit all crucial visitors looking for the animated GIF of Pahela Boishakh online. Pohela Boishakh is a festive chapter in the life of the Bengali nation.

With the auspicious beginning of the first Baishakh of the Mughal Emperor Akbar Pahela, the passion for tradition in Bengali national life is still alive today. As long as the world exists, Bangladesh will celebrate the first Baishakh. On this day of tradition, people of all ages rejoice. Hilsa and dried mashed panta combined with rice doubles the pleasure. Fairs are held in different places centring on the first Baishakh. Horse racing, swings, bullock carts, nakshi Katha, and hand fans are some of the popular elements of Pohela Boishakh; still, Benarsi sari for girls and pyjamas for boys- Punjabi is one of the sources of joy in Happy New Year.

So, after knowing so much, if you want to celebrate Bengali New Year in a slightly different way, we believe that animated GIFs can give you boundless joy. If you wish, you can download the GIFs we provided and upload them on various social media, enjoy yourself and float your loved one in the sea of ​​joy.

pohela baishakh animated gif 10

Happy Pohela Boishakh Animated GIFs, Download

You can download the Happy Pahela Boishakh Animated GIF directly from our page. For this, tap and hold on to the image and select the save option to download the animated GIF easily. Many countries, including Bangladesh and India, celebrate Happy New Year 1428.

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You can visit them if you want. The following animated GIFs are based on one of Bangladesh’s traditions and objects of love. So, let the world enjoy the success of Pahela Boishakh by downloading playful gifts and uploading them on various social media.

pohela baishakh animated gif 9

“Nutun Surjo Nutun Pran.
Nutun Sur Nutun Gaan.
Futuk Ful Ashuk Vomor.        
Suvo Hok Nutun Bochor.
Happy Bengali New Year!!”

                                                             pohela baishakh animated gif 8

“Bachar sexier hard pata bollo ure ese
Ekti bachhar periya gelo hawar sathe bhese.
Natun bachhar asche, take jotno kore rekho
Swapna gulo satyi kore khub bhalo theko”

                                  pohela baishakh animated gif 7

“Wishing you a wonderful Pohela Baisakh.
I pray that all your heart’s desires be fulfilled.”

pohela baishakh animated gif 1

“May This New Year Be One Of Its Kinds.
May It Be An Opportunity
To Fill Your Life With Bright Cheer And Happiness.
May It Bring Prosperity
And Joy For The Rest Of Your Life”

                                                              pohela baishakh animated gif 2

“Porono joto Hotasha,Dukkho,Obosad,
Noton bochor ogoloka karok Dulissat,
Sukh,Anonda mucha jak sokol Jatona,
New Year a Sobar jonne Shuvo Kamona”
Shubho Naboborsha…

                                                                 pohela baishakh animated gif 3

“Mark the time of new beginnings and enjoy your life.”

– Happy Naba Barsha.

                           pohela baishakh animated gif 4

“Sukher smriti rekho mone
Mishe theko apon jone
Maan-Abhiman sokol bhule
Khshir prodip rekho jele
Hazar SURJO tomar chokhe
Bandhu tumi theko sukhe”

Subha Nababarsho”

                                pohela baishakh animated gif 5

“Let this Naba Barsha lead you to a sweet year, both emotionally and economically.”

                      pohela baishakh animated gif 6

Ultimately, we hope you are enjoying this festive day of Pohela Boishakh. In this way, holding on to everyday and tradition lets the joy remain in people’s minds forever. Happy New Year, 1428.

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