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  • Happy Thanksgiving Day 2022- Date, History, Traditions, Facts & Celebrations

    Happy Thanksgiving Day 2022- Date, History, Traditions, Facts & Celebrations

    Thanksgiving Day is one of America’s oldest holidays. Thanksgiving Day originated with a feast put together by the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts, which later became a feast spread across the country as the Pilgrims’ final Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day has since become celebrated each Thanksgiving weekend in different communities, marking the start of a new season […]

  • Happy Children’s Day 2023: Short Quotes to Share WhatsApp & Facebook

    Each country’s National Children’s Day is based on its popular personality. For example, India’s National Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14, the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Whereas in America, National Children’s Day is celebrated every year in the second week of June. On the other hand, Children’s Day in the United Kingdom is […]

  • Guru Nanak’s Jayanti 2022: Importance Question & Answer

    Start with the great mercy of God & the 552nd birthday of Nanak. Guru Nanak’s Jayanti- 2021: Importance Question & Answer are available here. Sometimes we should need to know about some person who is immortal in the world. Today we are proving to inform you of Guru Nanak Jayanti or Nanak’s birthday. Guru Nanak […]

  • National Brush Day- 1 November 2022, Awareness, activities, Dentist-

    Welcome to our informative & trusted site. Are you searching for a good event for National Brush Day 2021? Today we are providing to inform. you about the healthy day. Can you say why it is important for everyone? Yes, it is one of the most important things for all ages of people. Someone who […]

  • National Day in Oman-18 November, 2022

    Though it is a pandemic, Oman is set to celebrate the Golden Jubilee (51th ) in 2021 for its birthday. The National day in Oman is held on 18 November every year. Omani people celebrate the day with cheer & a fresh mind for Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The National Day of Oman is a […]

  • Job Action Day 2022: History, Activities & More Info

    Welcome to the day celebrating site. Job is a career. Job is a statement of life. If you may be a job applicant or staying in a job to promote works, you will search enough to find a job in varieties newspapers. Today we are providing to inform you about Job action day 2021. You […]

  • Happy Children’s Day 2022 Best Wishes to my Son

    Dear Viewers, Inside this article are given the latest and unique greetings, status, messages and quotes to make Children’s Day 2022 memorable. It is one of the days to express extra time and feelings towards your child amidst busy schedule. Different dates and activities in different countries of the world make Children’s Day more festive. […]

  • Happy Children’s Day Wishes & Status to my Daughter

    Today is National Children’s Day. If you want to wish your daughter as a guardian on Children’s Day then you are at the right place. Every year Children’s Day is observed nationally and internationally across the society from the marginal and urban levels irrespective of caste-religion-caste. We have included enough content here to celebrate Children’s […]

  • World Television Day 2022: Theme, History, Activities-Day for Media

    With the best resolution of eyes to are providing to inform you about World Television Day- 2021. The United Nations’ General Assembly proclaimed on 21 November is World Television Day. By depending on the date, many media, as well as journalists, take the necessary steps to observe the day globally. Each year ACT (Association of […]

  • Happy Children’s Day Motivational Quotes & Wishes from Parents

    Today is Happy Children’s Day 2022. Remembering Children’s Day 2022 in memory albums online and offline If you want to keep your child smiling, happy and festive, then no tension! All the guardians of the world can choose the messages, statuses and wishes provided by us to strengthen the foundation of their children’s awareness, better […]