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  • 26 March: Independence Day 2022 Facebook Status

    26 March: Independence Day 2022 Facebook Status

    In order to celebrate Independence Day in a far-reaching world famous way and to show the dignity of Bangladesh to the world, we have presented some Facebook statuses on Independence Day to be shared among friends. We hope you enjoy the status on each of our Facebook pages and can copy and share it on […]

  • 26 March, Independence Day 2022 Status, Quotes, Greetings, Poems and Pic Download

    Independence Day 2022 Status, Quotes, Greetings, Poems and Pic Download! On the occasion of the great Independence Day on 26th March, many people search online to download the best quote rhyme poems and pictures to give status on Facebook. To make Martyr’s Day colorful and colorful, here are some released poems, rhymes and pictures through […]

  • International Women’s & Girls Day- 2023; History, Theme, Activities

    International Women’s & Girls Day is observed on 8 March every year. Billion of people around the world celebrate the historical day with varieties ways. The United Nations takes the necessary steps to observe the day every year. Time of The International Women’s & Girls Day Showing: 1900–19491950–19992000–20142015–20252026–20492050–20992100–21492150–21992200–22492250–22992300–23492350–23992400–24492450–24992500–25492550–25992600–26492650–26992700–27492750–27992800–28492850–28992900–29492950–29993000–30493050–30993100–31493150–31993200–32493250–32993300–33493350–33993400–34493450–34993500–35493550–35993600–36493650–36993700–37493750–37993800–38493850–38993900–39493950–3999 Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type 2015 Sun […]

  • 26 March GIFs: Independence Day Animation GIFs Bangladesh 2022

    In order to bring the joy of Independence Day to every corner of Bangladesh, various NGO magazines, TV channels, YouTube and above all online portal websites have already created various types of articles. In its continuation, on the occasion of 26th March, we are regularly organizing Independence Day Status, Martyr’s Day Quotes, Independence Day Rhyme […]

  • World Compliment Day 2022

    Welcome to World Compliment Day- 2021. Every year on the 1st March World Compliment Day is celebrated to pay tribute to all the people in the world, who are busy praising their hearts. First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have dedicated themselves to the service of […]

  • The Independance Day Of Bangladesh- 26th March, 2021 Celebration

    Hello, Dear Welcome to our trusty page. Today we are providing to inform you of the birthday of Bangladesh. Here you may know details when, why, how & who is the main issue for getting this name. If you don’t have any idea about Bangladesh, don’t think, this page is only for you. 26th March […]