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  • Yennayer/ Amazigh New Year- 12 January, 2022

    Yennayer/ Amazigh New Year- 12 January, 2022

    With most welcome to Berber New Year 2021 as English and Berber 2971. People of Algeria observe the day with a more cheerful find like a festival to promote the day worldwide. The day is another called Yennayer locally as well as the official name is Amazigh new year day. The day is a public […]

  • National Youth Day in India– 12 January 2022

    “Youth Engagement for Global Action” depending on the line we are proving with observing the 158th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda on 12 January 2021. National Youth Day is a more popular observing day which is the most observed in India. Indian people observe the day on 12 January every year as the birth of  Swami Vivekananda. […]