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  • International Cat Day 2023: Happy Cat Day Celebrations!

    International Cat Day 2023: Happy Cat Day Celebrations!

    International Cat Day is on the first weekend in August, often feeling like a holiday in itself. The day is dedicated to cats and their importance to mankind. It’s true that cats have been a part of history since the beginning of recorded time. In the early years of humanity, cats appeared in folklore as […]

  • Happy National Couple’s Day 2022: How do we celebrate couples day?

    Whether you’re a newly wedded couple, a newly weds couple, or even a newly divorced one, National Couple’s Day is the perfect day to show your love and commitment to your partner. When is National Couple’s Day? Every year in May, the first day of May, is declared National Couple’s Day. Since many people celebrate […]

  • International Youth Day 2022: Happy Youth Day Celebrations!

    Young and carefree days do not last forever though. In today’s world, young people face problems and have limited access to various essential resources which can hopefully pave the way to a better life tomorrow. Whether in school or out of it, young people all over the globe have a right to use the world […]

  • Work Like a Dog Day 2022- Date, Meaning, Activities & More

    Take out a leaf from man’s best friend’s book and try to work like a dog on Work Like a Dog Day every year on August fifth. History of Work Like a Dog Day is quite an interesting one. You may have heard the words working like a dog when somebody is talking about working […]

  • Indian Independence Day 2022: Happy Birthday Celebrations of India!

    Welcome to Golden Jubilee year in 2022 of Indian 76th Independence Day. It is celebrated on the occasion of August 15th every year. It is also called as “I-day” or “National Day of India”. This public holiday marks the day when India achieved independence from British rule. On this day, alcohol is banned in Indian […]

  • National Cat Day 2022 Date, History, Importance, Traditions, Celebrations & Facts

    National Cat Day is observed each year in different cities of United States on the 29th October. On the other hands, Canadian National Cat Day is celebrated on 8 August each year. This event is organized by American Humane Association and promotes the betterment of cat health, as well as promotion of responsible pet ownership. […]

  • National Middle Child Day in USA 2022- 4 Activities to Shine Middle Child in Life !

    National Middle Child Day is an internationally recognized day to celebrate the in-between kids in the family. This special day recognizes the little one who is not yet a toddler but has yet to learn the basic skills of being a child. Although it may seem like in-between children have all the same characteristics of […]

  • National Airborne Day 2022 Celebrations

    When is National Airborne Day, celebrated in the United States? What does it symbolize? And what is it that brings so many people out to join the military and participate in parascending events? In early August each year, National Airborne Day is celebrated to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the famed parachute jump undertaken by […]

  • National Lemon Juice Day 2022

    Hello Dear, Welcome to National Lemon Juice Day 2022. Are you searching for the national lemon juice day 2022? This content is only for you. Here you may know the value of lemon well as water. How important the juice is for a man or woman. A man can’t lead a healthy life without lemon […]

  • National Day of Pakistan 2022- Independent feelings & observes

    Assalamu Alikum. Welcome to our trusted site as Dear, are you searching to know the Independence Day of Pakistan? Don’t think. Today we are providing to describe to you The birthday of Pakistan. Here, you may know a hundred percent accurate information, celebrating systems, significances, history, cultures, pandemic period observes feelings  & timing details […]