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Civic Holiday 2024 in Ontario: When the Statutory Holidays in Canada?

Although eastern regions of Prince Edward Island, Labrador and Quebec won’t have a civic holiday this Year, most of the rest will celebrate the long-awaited long weekend. The first annual Civic Holiday in Prince Edward Island was in 1876 when the island was still part of Canada. This celebration marks the beginning of the First World War. Although many names differ due to immigration and settlement, the actual date is still the same.

The Canadian government does not officially recognize Civic holidays in the province. Instead, most First Nations, Inuit and other indigenous peoples view it as a long weekend. For example, the Inuit call their long weekend “qutu”, also the name for the long weekend in their territory. In contrast, the Canadian government recognizes July as a statutory holiday in their country.

When are the Statutory Holidays in Canada?

The historical is celebrated in Canada with the most attractive and cheerful minds because it is a statutory holiday in Canada. So,

  • This Year> 2024
  • Date > 02 August
  • Weekday > Monday

How do you celebrate a civic holiday in Prince Edward Island?

There are several options. You can get together with friends and family to celebrate at a local restaurant or pub or head downtown where there will be no crowds. Most restaurants here have an outdoor patio area for gatherings, but if you want a more formal setting, you can try venues like the Prince Rupert Hotel & Casino or the Rideau Country Club.

In addition to the three events mentioned above, the provincial government has designated July as “Edin Day”, or province-wide children’s awareness month. To support this, they’ve also established four municipalities across the island (Charlottetown, Bridgetown, New Glasgow and St. John’s) that celebrate this long weekend once a year. Every Year, these municipalities hold an event in which local children put on a parade down the streets of the different cities to raise funds for a particular charity. For this charitable event, children in attendance exchange their homemade crafts (quilts, pottery, etc.) for tickets to the regatta day festivities.

What is the Civic Holiday Ontario?

Suppose you’re from out of town but plan on making it to Canada on the July 12th weekend. In that case, you may want to consider the opportunity to participate in an Ottawa in Ontario holiday parade. This popular annual event, also known as Simcoe Day, gets its name from the street on which it’s held, Simcoe Street. The street is also known as the Rose Street Parade because it was one of the original streets planned for the city. Although there are not usually designated routes to take in any of the cities, it’s always fun to check out the route during your visit and plan to participate in this great event.

There are many other events in which you can participate, but the three listed above are some of the more popular ones. It’s important to remember that with all the planning that goes into these events, the Simcoe MPPs are always available to speak with you if you have any questions. The Civic Holiday is a time to celebrate and enjoy Canada’s heritage, so ensure you’re fully prepared to participate. Have a wonderful holiday!

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