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The Ox Happy Chinese New Year 2024: Date, Symbol, Messages, Quotes, Greetings & Songs

Welcome to the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is celebrated mainly based on the Lunar Calendar. Many countries around the world, including China, celebrate Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 12 every year.

The Chinese New Year 2024 is being celebrated as Ox Zodiac as a spring festival. Do you want to decorate the Chinese New Year in a new way? If so, we have provided special wishes, SMS, quotes, greetings, and pictures for the new year. It will be possible to make the Chinese New Year a success by seeing and using them.

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So, we have designed this page to present the new year a little differently and make it fun. So, let’s wish someone a happy New Year and move forward with the conviction to do something new for the New Year.

When is Chinese New Year?

The Chinese New Year falls on February 12, according to the English calendar, and is the first day of the year in the Chinese calendar or lunar calendar. This day is celebrated as Happy New Year in many countries, including China, depending on the sun’s movement. Thus, the 2024 Chinese New Year will be held on Friday, February 12.

Symbol/Zodiac Sign of Chinese New Year 2021

It will be a Metal Ox year. The recent zodiac years of the Ox sign are 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033…An Ox year occurs every 12 years.

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Chinese New Year Wishes

You will find enough content here if you wish to wish someone a little different in the Chinese New Year. We have come up with some wishing ideas to give the Chinese New Year a new look and expect your loved one a little differently. You can text your loved ones and loved ones if you want.

 1. 恭喜发财,红包拿来

Gōngxǐ fācái, hóngbāo ná lái

Wishing you happiness and prosperity; give me a red envelope.

2. 新年好

Xīnnián hǎo

Happy New Year

3. 新春快乐

Xīnchūn kuàilè

Happy ‘New Spring’

4. Happy New Year! Hoping 2024 terminates all the troubles 2021 has brought into our lives.

5. Wish you all a happy spring festival and a good year ahead! God bless all.

6. Gong Xi Fa Chai! I wish you a prosperous Chinese New Year 2024.

7. 年年有余

Niánnián yǒuyú

Surplus year-after-year

Chinese New Year Messages

Chinese New Year Wishing SMS & Quotes: If you have a unique and kind SMS to wish someone a happy Chinese New Year, you have come to the right place. We have provided some wishing SMS here; you can text it to anyone.

I wish you all a happy spring festival and a good year ahead! God bless all.’

“Gong Xi Fa Chai! Wishing You a Prosperous Chinese New Year 2021.”

“I pray for this year of the white metal ox to bring peace worldwide. Stay cheery”

“Wish you wealth and prosperity in life. May good luck follow you in every step and your house be happy. Xin Nian Kuai Le”

“Happy Lunar New Year. I hope that good fortune follows you wherever you go.”

“May Longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and a natural death- the five blessings come to you. Wishing a Happy Chinese New Year from my family to yours.”


Píngbù qīngyún

Have a meteoric rise (usually to wish for promotions).”

Happy Chinese New Year Songs

Happy Chinese New Year Song We’ve added some song names and links to celebrate the Chinese New Year well with your loved ones. Which can understand the true meaning of Chinese New Year by hearing and seeing.

  1. 恭喜恭喜 Gongxi, Gongxi’ Greetings, Greetings’

  2. 新年好 Xinnian Hao’ Happy New Year’ Youtube Link> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF753AUx71I

  3. 恭喜你发财 Gongxi Ni Facai’ Wishing You Prosperity

  4. 拜年 Bainian ‘Pay New Year Respects’

Happy Chinese New Year Greetings

Many people look for greetings online to decorate the Chinese New Year differently. Greetings play a vital role in wishing him a Happy New Year. So we have provided some greetings here for our esteemed visitors. Chinese New Year Symbol 2024 Also read more about more important events

  1. 祝您……

Zhu nín… (/joo neen/)

Wish you (older/respected) …

2. May the spirit and joy of this festivity stay in your heart all year round. The journey is long, so go optimistic and build many success stories.

3. It’s time to say goodbye to the old year. Now, welcome the new year with a heart full of positivity and new hopes. Happy New Year!

4. We’re the passengers of the same boat heading towards an unknown future. May the hopes of the new year guide us in the right direction!


Héjiā huānlè

Felicity of the whole family

6. 新年好

Xīnnián hǎo

Happy New Year


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